15 of The Top Selling Best Headphones of 2022 – Reviewed

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Who doesn’t want to hear his favorite music while jogging, lifting weights, at home or office, in short wherever the leisure exist, but if those vocals are poorly delivered to your ears, then what’s the purpose to stand for? Thus nailing the excellency, we have assorted 15 best headphones of year 2022.

Your headphones are clearly responsible to get the perfect wave to pass through the listener. Therefore there is no such thing to compromise over your favorite beat. Besides, there is so much diversity you can find in headphones which make things more complicated. These complications are based on the purpose and design of that particular headphones, sometimes being called headsets, earbuds, earphones etc. Don’t worry though, we have parted each and every category according to the reasons they specifically made for. Thus you are going to get your best headphones within no time once you are ready to find out with which headphones you are most comfortable with.

Apple Airpods are still having most of the audience today but when you have so many diversified options in front of you, then there is no sense to stick to one for ages. Thus, We have recruited best of the best wireless headphones, gaming headphones, over-ear, around-ear, in-ear headphones, true wireless headphones, earbuds, headphones for gaming and music, bone conduction headphones, noise cancellation headphones, around the neck headphones, earphones for running and jogging and last but not the least budget headphones. This list is not going to end anytime soon, at least not until you are set with one for yourself.

Best noise cancelling headphones
Best headphones for running & workout
Best true wireless earbuds
Best bone conduction headphones
Best headphones for gaming
Best around ear bluetooth headphones
Best mono headsets (2)
Best on-ear wireless headphones
Best waterproof headphones (2)
Best foldable headphones
Best neckband earphones
Best compact headphones
Best wireless headphones for kids

FAQs for Best Headphones 2022

Which type of headphones are best for running?

Running means continuous motion of the body with intensity, whether you choose headphones or earbuds, they have to be snug and securely fit either on the ear or in the ear canal so they shouldn’t be dropped out or get loose. Another thing needs to be undertaken that is, for running, make sure you avoid active noise cancelling, instead go for passive and ambient noise cancelling earphones. The main reason to do so is to remain aware of the traffic running around you in case of outdoor jogging or to know what’s happening in your surroundings in order to avoid any kind of mishap or criminal activity.

Do wireless headphones worth buying?

Wireless headphones are definitely worth buying since they offer the freedom from the wire mess and the user is able to move freely regardless of the connection to the phones. This wireless element is great for those who are engaged in workout, running, lifting weights or any sort of intensive exercise.

What is the mono headset?

Mono headset or mono headphone is one of the types of headphones, they come with a single audio channel or you might say with a single ear cup to deliver the sound, your other ear remains uncovered. This type of headset is suitable for the agents working in a service center/call center or unified communication platforms. Further, they are very feasible for truck drivers, loaders or workers/technicians fixing poles, electric plants, machines, who need to remain under contact with different people at a time.

What is the working range of the bluetooth headphones?

The working range of bluetooth v5.0 headphones is up to 243 meters or more than 100 feet, it is the most latest version of bluetooth, the most fast and stable connection, and the range of bluetooth 4.0 headphones is up to 10 meters or 33 feet.

Does my phone with Bluetooth 4.0 work with Bluetooth 5.0 headphones?

Bluetooth 5.0 is the most advanced and latest of all, this is backward compatible. Therefore whether your host device owns the old Bluetooth version or your headset, Bluetooth 5.0 will work fine.

List of Best Headphones 2022

  1. Skullcandy Crusher ANC – Best bluetooth noise cancelling headphones
  2. Sony WF-SP800N – Best in ear bluetooth headphones
  3. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro – Best bluetooth earbuds
  4. AfterShokz Aeropex – Best bluetooth bone conduction headphones
  5. JBL Quantum One – Best bluetooth gaming headset
  6. JBL Live 650BTNC – Best around ear wireless headphones
  7. Jabra Evolve2 – Best mono headset with microphone
  8. BlueParrott B450-XT – Best mono headset for PC
  9. Jabra Elite 45h – Best on-ear foldable headphones
  10. Dailylux earphones – Best Bluetooth MP3 headset
  11. Mpow M12 – Best sports headphones
  12. Srhythm Nicecomfort 25 – Best foldable earphones
  13. Aukey bluetooth 5 – Best neckband headphones
  14. Itayak – Best behind the head headphones
  15. iClever BTH03 – Best kids wireless headphones

Best Headphones of 2022 Reviews

1. Skullcandy Crusher ANC – Best wireless noise cancelling headphones

Type: Over-ear | Battery life: 25 hours (with a single recharge) | Noise cancelling: both ambient and active noise cancellation | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof: N/A| One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes- 5.0 | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.68lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Active noise cancelling headphones
  • Good for travelling
  • Long battery and rapid charge enable 4 hours of battery with 10 minutes of charge
  • Tile tracker included
  • Activate assistant support

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • Lacks adjustable headband

Skullcandy Crusher ANC is the best headphones with active noise cancelling feature. When we say active noise cancellation, they are truly and extremely well performed in this regard nonetheless. Whether you are on a flight, travelling via bus, car or driving a truck, or on a similar occasion to these, like waiting at a lounge, clinic or any non secluded place, these over-ear wireless headphones cancel out every sound around you and let you listen peacefully the vocal you are more interested to. Pairing them and using it with any device is very simple, makes movies, music and gaming super cool and authoritative. Further, it works with any bluetooth device, these work great for calls, video calls over the chats on Skype, Zoom etc.

These over ear headphones are quite comfortable too and let the user wear them as long as the battery allows. The Skullcandy App enables the personal setting to get the optimized bass, the other best feature and frequency of audio profile as per preferences of the user. These are foldable and come in a travelling case. Controls are pretty clear and approachable given on the ear cups, including the control of Sensory Bass, volumes, pairing, battery status via mini LED lights, and also have finger touch control with which you can deactivate noise cancelling for a while in order to listen what is someone saying to you or what conversation is being conducted around you. They are stylish, come in deep red color and are made up of plastic from the outer surface and have metal frames from inside though.

2. Sony WF-SP800N – Best in ear wireless headphones

Best in ear wireless headphones

Type: In-ear earbuds | Battery life: 9 hours or 18 hours with the case (with a single recharge) | Noise cancelling: ambient and passive noise cancellation | Waterproof: Splashproof | Sweat Proof:Yes | One ear go: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes and NFC supportive too | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.13lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Exclusively made for sports
  • Charging case comes with extra play time and you even get more hours when noise cancellation is deactivated
  • Automatic pause when removed from the ear
  • Supports Alexa voice assistant
  • Authoritative equalizer for custom tune ups

Reasons to avoid

If you are looking for earbuds which are great for making calls, for sports, for in house entertainment, gymming, or even conferencing on Zoom or Skype, these wireless earbuds are an absolute option to avail. There are two great picks for in-ear headphones; the one we are talking about and the other is the later one which we will discuss after this. Back to Sony wireless earbuds, the Sony WF-SP800N wireless in-ear headphones, offers a very comfortable fit for running/jogging or cycling due to its ergonomics design. They arrive with a charging case, this gives an extra 9 hours battery, though if you disabled the noise cancelling feature, you can hit even up to 26 hours of playtime. These wireless headphones allow you to hear your surroundings because of the ambient noise, although if you are looking for active noise cancellation, then keep in mind they only passively block out the noise.

Further, talking about how good they are for wearing for hours, then it’s good to tell you that these earbuds are very comfortable, feasible for intense workout at the gym or running. They wouldn’t fall out but offer a snug fit, that is perfect for sports. Moreover, they are IP55 rated, which make them sweat proof and can handle water splash, but are not for swimmers though. The controlling of audio, taking calls, volume and Alexa voice assistant are based on the touch control feature other than the Sony headphones Connect App to make audio personalization. In addition, these true wireless earbuds come in three different colors; shocking orange, blue and black, they weigh only 0.13 pounds.

3. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro – Best wireless earbuds

Best wireless earbuds

Type: In-ear earbuds | Battery life: 8 hours or 32 hours with the case | Noise cancelling: passive noise cancellation | Waterproof: Splashproof | Sweat Proof:Yes | One ear go: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.22lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Unique and stylish pebble shaped charging plus carry case
  • Plenty of playtime for more than a day
  • Impeccable bass and treble
  • Come with a set of different eartips and ear fins
  • Pick any one of them and let the other rest in the case

Reasons to avoid

  • Can’t connect to multiple bluetooth devices
  • External noise pass through
  • Clearly heard static noise initially

We brought in-ear earbuds into the best headphones to introduce the flexibility you can have in terms of wearing style. These earbuds are less costly as compared to Sony WF-SP800N placed earlier. Anker wireless earbuds have 8 hours of playtime with a single recharge yet its case carries 4 more charges which can be filled via USB Type C and can be charged wirelessly. with a snug fit, these are still unable to block out the external noise but only passively. Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is a good option for travellers, its size and weight including its shape is suitable for jogging and cycling. They come with five pairs of different sizes of silicone eartips and two pairs of ear fins for custom fit. There are four microphones which deliver your voice with clearity to the other side and reduces the noise or voices which surround you.

Further, on testing these Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, you can witness deeper bass and enhanced audio in very detail which brings another level of performance for the listener. Its harmonized sound with treble is something unique you wouldn’t find in many of the headphones but very few. Whereas talking about how good they are to make customization, Soundcore App is there to allow the user to make the audio profile according to their taste of listening, then there are 22 Equalizing settings as well within the App again for detail changes. What we did not like is the HearID Custom Sound; this feature monitors the type of settings or the level of audio you set up in the customization via app and then tailor it in accordance which later set for you in order to make the settings hassle free. This might be appreciable by many users though, at the same time it could be a bit disappointing for the one who have a number of music genres to listen to their respective vocals. Therefore we do not count it as a thumb down since it is a matter of preference and taste.

4. AfterShokz Aeropex – Best wireless bone conduction headphones

Best wireless bone conduction headphones

Type: open ear bone conduction | Battery life: 8 hours | Noise cancelling: N/A | Waterproof: Yes | Sweat Proof:Yes | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.90 ounce | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Waterproof, sweatproof, dustproof
  • Durable; very well to handle extreme conditions
  • Moisture alert; to make charging safe
  • Easy to use
  • Worth the price

Reasons to avoid

  • Battery deteriorate after a certain time period
  • No EQ settings

AfterShokz brings the lightest and pain free solution for hearing. This suits perfect for those who are already wearing their hearing aid devices or if you find headphones as a burden to wear for long hours. This is made up of titanium frame which is 0.90 ounce light and can be twisted but wouldn’t break or get any sort of damage in the way. You can wear them anywhere at any place for any purpose. These wireless bluetooth headphones are IP67 rated which means they are not only waterproof but dustproof too. A very suitable headphone for cycling on dusty terrain or mountain areas where there is loads of dust around you.

AfterShokz Aeropex bone conduction is simply the best headphones for outdoor use, therefore in order to make them simple, there is no App or equalizer to make customization. This may be a deal breaker for some people, since you have to listen to the music on default, however, we still consider this a thumbs up because the treble and bass is extremely well with so less vibration, you hardly feel the need for any extra settings. Besides, you will find toggle for volume, play, pause and attending calls. It works with voice assistants as well, which is very helpful in case of driving a vehicle and your hands being busy.

5. JBL Quantum One – Best gaming headset

Best gaming headset

Type: over ear | Battery life: N/A (its wired) | Noise cancelling: Active noise cancelling | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof:N/A | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: No | Wireless: wired | Weight: 0.81 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports head tracking feature
  • Perfect DTS headset
  • Supports surround sound gaming
  • Detachable microphone
  • Includes game chat balanced dial

Reasons to avoid

Do you want a headset for PC or for your game consoles? Then you are at the right place. JBL Quantum One is the best headphones for gaming, it works great with PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, VR, Xbox One, Mac etc. These headphones are wired, so dead batteries are not a problem for long gaming sessions. This gaming headset is capable of blocking out the external noises quite effectively, no more distortion from surrounding, whatever is happening around everything is cancelled out and the user will only be able to hear the bullets, approaching enemies and so much more only within the game. Whereas, the audio quality is of another level for gaming, it consists of the JBL QuantumSPHERE 360 surround sound audio positioning feature which engages the gamer like no other.

Further JBL Quantum One is the best DTS headphones you can ever have, it has a software which needs to be installed after which you can set the notches of vocals as per need of the specific game or according to your listening taste. The ear cups are made up of memory foam ear cushions and leather, but they easily get sweaty for gaming marathons. It is a RGB headphone which can be customized with the software, then it has a detachable mic which makes it so much easier for chatters, it wouldn’t come in your way if you don’t want to communicate with your game peers. It is again a nice headset for Skype and Zoom users to make a clear distract free conference with your colleagues or friends.

6. JBL Live 650BTNC around ear – Best around ear headphones

Best around ear headphones

Type: over ear/ around ear | Battery life: 30 hours | Noise cancelling: Active noise cancelling | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof:N/A | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes | Weight: 0.51 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Long battery, more playtime
  • Voice assistant
  • Good for calls and chats
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Magnificent voice quality

Reasons to avoid

JBL Live 650BTNC has really cut the cost and still be a better version of not only a wireless headset but an active noise cancelling headphones too. Its performance is incredibly impressive in this regard as compared to the headphones you mostly found around $200 with these features. While testing, these headphones turn out to be one of the best headphones to cancel out the sound from your surrounding, there is no leakage or distortion but a perfect and impressive sound delivery no matter what. Although there is no control over this function in order to get a touch of the environment usually required to get aware what’s happening around you, thus the user has to put it down to know of this surroundings. Its scope is not limited though, you can wear them anywhere for any purpose but less likely for workout since they will easily get loose or lose head grip meanwhile. Yet it works great with any device which has a bluetooth connection.

Further, you can witness JBL Live 650 has impressively long battery life that is up to 30 hours with a 2 hours of single recharge, though it is reduced to 20 hours of play time with ANC and BT. they are comfortable and lightweight. It has “My JBL Headphones App” through which you can personalize the audio tracks just the way you want to listen. These headphones don’t bear leather headband like standard headsets nor they are adjustable and are fabric coated instead. Moreover, these offer improved bass and treble which is highly required by audiophiles, you can manage calls via given buttons on the ear cups and communicate with your callers while moving around or doing home chores.

7. Jabra Evolve2 65 MS – Best office headset

Best office headset

Type: on-ear mono headphones | Battery life: 37 hours | Noise cancelling: Passive | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof:N/A | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.7 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Compatible with all the unified communication platforms
  • Great for business purpose
  • Both bluetooth and wired support
  • Plenty of the playtime, 15 min charge gives 8 hours to play
  • Durable headset

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • Non adjustable headband

In the assortment of the list for the best headphones, mono headphones deserve to be the part of it indeed. As a matter of choice as well as the job they are meant to serve for, mono headsets play a great role in specific circumstances. Therefore we have two headsets we have tested so far, one is Jabra Evolve2 65 MS, this mono headphones are good for office use, at call centers etc. it is a passive noise cancelling headphones so that the user remains aware of the commands he has been given. It has high definition sound, enabling the user to make distortion free communication. It consists of 3 microphones which lessen down the background noise to a great extent and you wouldn’t need to shout out over the calls to pass your message anymore.

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS wireless headphones are clearly made for commercial use and even non commercial calls and chatting freely. Although they are less likely to be used for music streaming, however, still you can combine them with any Bluetooth enabled device, it works fine. The best part is it also supports USB A connection and if your laptop lacks Bluetooth compatibility, then this mono headset comes with Jabra Link 380a Bluetooth adapter, this makes a route for no Bluetooth devices as well. You will get all the freedom of communication, and in case if you run out of battery, you would be able to get wired as well in order to remain under the loop no matter what.

8. BlueParrott B450-XT– Best mono headset for PC

Best mono headset for PC

Type:on-ear mono headphones | Battery life: 24 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof:Yes | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes and NFC too | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.90 ounce | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Crystal clear communication
  • Supports voice commands
  • Works fine up to 300 feet distance range
  • Large buttons to operate; less hassle to maneuver to pick one

Reasons to avoid

  • Not durable
  • Multiple device compatible but with limited features

BlueParrot B450-XT is one of the best headphones with a single channel that is a mono headset. This is less costly compared to the Jabra Evolve2 65 MS wireless headset. These headphones have a similar scope like Jabra mono or any other mono headphones. With a voice command feature, they are more likely to suit drivers, when they get a call they don’t need to press buttons to receive but simply make a command to take or reject the call on a moment. Yes, it’s true that they cancel out 95% of the background noise to make communication very much clear no matter how busy your surrounding is or how much traffic buzz around you. Plus they work so fine with your laptop or PC and give the best chat experience every time.

This headset does have its official BlueParrot App but is not so authoritative in terms of customization, instead it has a parrot button to make an audio profile according to your listening habit. Although they are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device even with your TV as well, they limit their features even with any other device other than PC. Pairing them with game consoles is out of the box, thus this is simply not for gaming too. However, we are more fascinated with its audio profile besides the compatibility which is highly noticeable in taking calls and pairing it with the computer. In addition, these headphones are IP54 rated, which says they are capable of resisting dust particles and are sweatproof, but on observing its build, they are fragile and need delicacy in operation.

9. Jabra Elite 45h – Best on-ear headset

Best on-ear headset

Type:on-ear | Battery life: 50 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof:N/A | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: true wireless | Weight: 0.81 lbs. | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Voice command; Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa
  • Magnificent battery and rapid charge feature
  • Compact design and very comfortable
  • Great for travelling and office use
  • Budget headphones

Reasons to avoid

  • They somewhat get connected to the game consoles too, but the performance is not healthy as compared to the performance for just music and calling

Jabra Elite 45h over the head headphone is although looks very simple and is less costly as well compared to other best headphones in the list, but it is not coming slow. You are getting everything in this headset that office headphones are expected to offer. Jabra Elite 45h is instead of active noise cancelling, they passively cancel out the noise and block the ambient noise which is even better in an office environment where one has to keep himself aware of ringing phones or calling from the cube adjacent to him. These headphones are not only beneficial for employers, they are great for music, calling and chatting as well. The sound quality is exceptionally loud and clear without any sort of static distortion nor have broken loops to hear the answer of the caller.

Moreover, Jabra Elite 45h is a compact headphone, they are able to get mold and easily take the place into your backpack or suitcase. Their soft memory foam ear cups sit on your ears, they are comfortable and light in weight, though we don’t recommend these headphones for workout or gymming. The battery life is outstanding, they are very much capable of remaining alive for up to 50 hours which is not a joke but clearly something to marvel at. Its 15 minutes of charge last up to 10 hours. However, it’s very easy to personalize the sound track with the help of Jabra Sound+App, there is absolutely nothing complicated to tweak the vocals.

10. Dailylux earphones – Best headphones for swimming

Best headphones for swimming

Type: in-ear earbuds | Battery life: 8 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: Yes| Sweat Proof:Yes | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes | Weight: 0.4 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports MP3 player
  • Can be used without phone or Bluetooth connection
  • Truly made for swimmers and intense workout
  • LED battery indication; no sudden broken loop
  • Noise cancelling microphone

Reasons to avoid

  • Static distortion eventually noticed
  • No EQ settings but only listening on default

It’s time to get into the water. Being an audiophile and having a passion for swimming, both are difficult to manage together, but it’s not impossible. Dailylux earphones are waterproof and are IPX8 rated which is highly eligible to resist water and purely made for swimmers, so proved in our testing as well. Earbuds with a cable to remain connected make more sense for swimmers, as there is less possibility of getting lost in the pool as compared to those who are truly wireless earbuds. Dailylux Bluetooth wireless headphones meet all the requirements for swimming, even for running, gyming or any kind of workout. It delivers high stereo and impressive bass to your ears under the water.

Keep in mind, the Bluetooth feature doesn’t work under the water, therefore these headphones have 8GB built-in memory in which you can store your favorite track so that you wouldn’t miss your music while swimming. In short, you have a flexible mode of hearing that is via either with Bluetooth connection to the host device or you can switch to the memory card. Further, they are designed ergonomically, they have a snug fit, comfortable to wear in any circumstances. The bass is highly improved and the audio is clear. It has a battery indicator, incase of wearing them you can’t see these LED lights warning, the good part is you will be notified with a recorded alert about the battery before it shuts off.

11. Mpow M12 – Best waterproof & dustproof headphones

Best waterproof & dustproof headphones

Type: in-ear earbuds | Battery life: 25 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: Yes | Sweat Proof:Yes | One ear go: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes | Weight: 0.16 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports voice assistant
  • Charging case can be charged with the wireless pad or with USB type C
  • Supports mono mode; one rest in the case and second earbud can be used
  • Ultra responsive touch control

Reasons to avoid

  • Lack EQ settings
  • Although they are IPX8 rated but not designed for swimming
  • Two many controls with only one touch make it difficult to get perfection

Mpow M12 is the best headphones with charging case, it is waterproof, dustproof, resistant to sweat and rain due to its IPX8 rating, perfect for sports like running, cycling and much more but less likely to submerge into the water (not for swimming). The best part is they are less costly with more stable design and comfort it brings along. Mpow wireless Bluetooth earbuds are not able to block out the noise actively, but are able to shut out the ambient noise or passively block out the noise. Moreover, Mpow M12 wireless earbuds are able to perform extremely well with your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or TV. further, evaluating its sound perfection, these are giving a perfect bass and treble any audiophile longed for.

Besides its quality of sound, you wouldn’t be able to tweak or make personal settings, as these bluetooth earbuds lack any App or EQ settings. Mpow earbuds supports rapid charge feature in which only 10 minutes of charge provide 10 hours of playtime. You are even getting battery indicators on both the charging case as well as on the earbuds. Whereas talking about the controls over the features, each earbud has a touch control system through which you are able to play, pause, skip, volume, reverse and forward, attend calls, and ask Siri to do these jobs for you if your both hands are busy. In addition, these earbuds are extremely light in weight, they are comfortable and securely fit into the ear canal, if not then you are also able to switch to another ear tip which rather suits you as it comes in three different sizes.

12. Srhythm Nicecomfort 25 – Best rotating headphones

Best rotating headphones

Type: over ear | Battery life: 16 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: N/A | Sweat Proof:N/A | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes and wired too | Weight: 0.3 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports voice assistant
  • Perfect for travellers
  • Adjustable headband and foldable ear muffs
  • Excellent calling and built-in mic
  • Comes with free S5 ANC bluetooth earbuds
  • Easy to use

Reasons to avoid

  • Still noticeable leakage found even in the presence of its dual noise cancelling sensors
  • Lack EQ settings/App
  • Quirky control buttons

Srhythm Nicecomfort 25 is one of the best headphones of the year. In the designing perspective, engineers have really met the requirements any traveller wants in his headphones. Although they say these headphones can actively block out the noise, while testing this feature falls badly, as these ear muffs can passively cancel out the noise. Yet they give the perfect seal to the ears, still the user is capable of hearing the talk conducted around him. Though this property seems well suited for travellers or for office use. You can attend your calls, focus on your project and at the same time remain active in the commotion around you. These headphones can work without a wire (wireless) as well as with wire, so dead batteries are sorted out.

On further examination, these consist of dual microphones with noise cancelling property, with the help of which, your voice can be clearly heard to the other side irrespective of the noisy environment you are sitting at. Whereas the comfort is what we have seen quite impressive, its soft ear cushions are 110 degrees rotatable and the headband is able to rotate up to 170 degrees, therefore if you intend to make a trip and have so less space in your backpack, this foldable headphone wouldn’t take much room. Though the control buttons given on the headset is a bit unconventional and seems there is a strong need to make an improvement in this area.

13. Aukey bluetooth 5 – Best neckband bluetooth headset

Best neckband bluetooth headset

Type: neckband earbuds | Battery life: 16 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: No | Sweat Proof: Yes | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes and wired too | Weight: 1.09 ounce | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Supports voice command
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Superb audio quality
  • Distortion free calls and music
  • Connects two devices at a time

Reasons to avoid

  • No EQ settings
  • Not eligible for conferencing or gaming

There is a variety in headphones you will know once you dive in, one of them and very popular among the athletes are the neckband earphones. This form is simplified through its specific design which is highly suitable for runners, sports and gymmers, though it can be used at home and office as well. Aukey EP B58 neckband headset meets the needs of this special type and its job which it is meant to serve for, quite effectively. These earphones are the most light in weight and hardly noticeable on the back of the neck. The silicon band from which both the earphones are joined together are skin friendly, thus lessening the opportunity to dig in the skin or might cause irritation. These are not noise cancelling earphones, but you can hear the surrounding and the muffled up voices within the music you are playing. Whereas, the quality of the sound is really impressive with deep bass and detailed notches.

Further, Aukey has large 10mm drivers and consist of aptX HD which makes the quality of the vocal very enhanced and more than perfect, which we don’t say its any ordinary level of audio. These earphones are water resistible and sweat proof but are not water proof so in case you intend to get into the pool while wearing these, then it is strictly not allowed. However, you can play music and videos all together on your Android or iPhone, even get paired with Mac, PC or a Tablet too. The control buttons are fully functional, rest on the wire loop, they are easy to operate, yet have no EQ settings. Moreover, these are the magnetic wireless earbuds that are very useful when not in use.

14. Itayak behind the head – Best behind the head headset

Best behind the head headset

Type: on ear | Battery life: 10 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: No | Sweat Proof: No | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes | Weight: 0.3 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

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Reasons to buy

  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Hi-fi stereo sound
  • Supports voice assistant
  • Stable bluetooth connection
  • Foldable and travel friendly

Reasons to avoid

  • Become loose with frequent wearing
  • Not comfortable if wearing glasses
  • Battery drops witnessed after a certain time period

Itayak behind the head headset brings a unique design for those who easily get exhausted by the headband and start losing interest in the music they are hearing. Having said that, the sort of behind the neck headphones are most likely suited for runners, sports and even feasible to wear at home too. On contrast, Ikayat headphones are a bit limited in terms of its using scope, although the sound quality is great but they become loose and feel they will fall back. Therefore, they are suitable to wear at home and office and recommended not to wear for running or for workout. You are getting these headphones under 30 dollars, we say it’s a budget headset, but that’s not mean they push you to make sacrifices over the sound quality. Instead, these headphones blast great audio with so much clarity and a deep bass.

Furthermore, although the design is good and the build is little lanky, the ear cushions are light and very soft, they do lack the gripping property which is highly required in this particular headset, but still not a deal breaker for indoor use. The Bluetooth connection is pretty stable which provides distortion free and smooth flow. They are good for music and calls, whereas the control buttons are placed with suitable space in between so that your fingers locate them easily. They can work with Android and iPhone, you can even connect them with your laptop or PC and Tablet as well. However, they are not for gaming purposes but can do conferencing or chatting other than just calls and music.

15. iClever BTH03 – Best kids bluetooth headphones

Best kids bluetooth headphones

Type: on ear | Battery life: 25 hours | Noise cancelling: passive | Waterproof: No | Sweat Proof: No | One ear go: N/A | Bluetooth: Yes | Wireless: Yes and wired too | Weight: 0.38 lbs | Built-in microphone: Yes

Check Latest Price

Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable and foldable headband
  • Durability matches the kids handling
  • Comes in attractive colors
  • LED lights
  • Wireless and wired

Reasons to avoid

We are not forgetting kids here, iClever BTH03 is offering the best headphones for kids. We all know handling things with delicacy and cautiousness is the matter of adults, kids are unable to maintain this caution and often end up breaking them instead. iClever headphones are made for kids keeping this fact in special consideration, thus this headset is durable and maintains a strong build. These headphones are able to get folded and very much capable of resisting mishandling by childrens. It is adorned with LED lights and comes in bright colors which make them fascinating, kids will definitely enjoy it. Whether they are having online class, hearing music or attending calls, these headphones are pretty good in all. The audio quality is nice, you can hear loud and clear and the microphone passes your voice crystal clear.

Moving towards the comfort, these are specially designed for heads of the kids. The headband is leather padded and is adjustable too, the ear pads are cushioned with breathable foam, it feels very light on wearing. With 94dB maximum sound, these are safe for kids and can be worn for long hours, perfect for lengthy study sessions. Though they are not capable of canceling out the noise fully, they are able to muffle the external voices which are suitable for disturbance free studies, even if the kid intends to wear them without turning them on. The best thing is they are wireless as well as wired, in case of running out of battery, you can plug them via USB cable to the host device or if your device lacks Bluetooth feature, your work will still never stop. If you want to spend up to $30 on your kids earphones, then you can check TCJJ unicorn headphones with the same features.

What things to consider for while buying the best headphones? [Buyers guide]

Buying a headphone is not a difficult job but buying the best headphone requires a little effort by the buyer. In order to put the least effort in this matter, we have tried to accommodate you as much as possible in this guide though in limited time.

1. Type of headphones

The purpose of your need for the headphones identifies the type which better suffices you.

a. In-ear headphones

These are commonly called as in-ear headphones or earbuds. This type is not difficult to distinguish, you can open your drawer and find it, which usually comes with your smartphone, if not then any other place you must have dumped them. Or if you have seen Apple Airpods, look at the eartips, observe them how they look, you can easily find out that they actually go into the ear canal, this is the reason they are being called as in-ear headphones. They have a built-in microphone, no flip boom mic.

To whom it better suits: Sports, exercise, attending calls, casual use and music.

b. On-ear headphones

It has a headband and earmuffs unlike in-ear headphones or earbuds. Those ear muffs or ear pads rest directly on your ears and they are made up of either protein pads or soft memory foam or breathable ear cushions. Where earbuds/ earphones or in-ear headphones are known for their portability, on-ear headphones are portable too but are bigger in size, still they are light in weight and few of them come with foldable capability as well. They consist of built-in microphones or sometimes you would see them with mic.

To whom it better suits: Attending calls, casual use, chatting and music

c. Over-ear headphones

These headphones are similar to on-ear headphones, with the same headband feature but they are much bulkier as compared to on-ear, because the ear cups consist much bigger drivers and so do they offer improved and high pitch sound. Over-ear headphones also have built-in microphone or mic. The main difference you can easily keep in mind is, their ear cups are hollow from inside or you may say they have space for ears to rest in.

To whom it better suits: Gaming, chatting, attending calls, casual use and music

d. Wireless headphones/ wireless earphones/ wireless earbuds

Here comes the concept of or most popular and trending involvement of Bluetooth. Now, this is the advanced way of listening to music and calls with the help of Bluetooth Technology. In this case, wires are being eliminated and the only way of connection to the phone or the host device is through Bluetooth. They offer a stable connection just like the wired headphones (via headphone jack and 3.5mm cable), so in case you are in between whether they are reliable or not, then clear your concept, they are fortunately very much stable and on the loop constantly without cutting the line.

To whom it better suits: Gaming, sports, exercise, chatting, attending calls and music.

e. True wireless headphones

Now this means the absolute elimination of wires. They work with Bluetooth, so there is no wire passing through these headphones/earbuds and the host device (to which it is connected). Plus there is no cable or wire to join both the earbuds as well, the best example is again we have Airpods. This type has an open opportunity of getting lost, however, this could sometimes be solved by the tracker installed or a tile tracker so you can easily locate your earbuds where you have left them. But this tracking feature comes with an additional cost, nonetheless, these true wireless headphones or earbuds are worth buying and are the most latest version of all.

To whom it better suits: gaming (for wireless headphones, not for wireless earbuds), sports, exercise, batting calls, chatting, casual use and music.

f. Open back headphones vs closed back headphones

Headphones in which the back of the ear cups are closed or sealed or does not allow you to peek in or they do not reflect drivers to outside, this type is called closed back headphones. In the same way, this headphone wouldn’t let the music or audio to pass to the outside world nor outside sound comes in. It secures the privacy of the user and acts like a shutter in between the user hearing and the people surrounding him.

To whom it better suits: Gaming, chatting, music, outdoor & indoor use and attending calls

On the other hand, open back headphones are opposite to closed back, there is no lid or sealing of ear cups but have a flimsy coating or coverage from which the user can see the drivers. The music you are hearing easily gets passed if the volume is high and the people can hear your listening, this type is good if the one wants to remain in the room with others and communicate with them actively while listening to the audio or music from the headphones too.

To whom it better suits: For both indoor & outdoor use, attending calls, casual use and music.

g. Mono headphones/ mono earphones

This type of headphone looks like any ordinary headset with headband and ear cups, but instead of two ear cups there is only one. It has a single channel to push the sound or audio therefore the other ear remains uncovered. It has a flip up mic or can have a built-in microphone.
To whom it better suits: Gaming, unified communication platforms, commercial use, drivers, chatting, attending calls and music.

h. Neckband headphones

Instead of headband grip, this form of earphones comes with a band for the neck. This band is loose fitted and would not dig into your neck but both the closing ends of the band are nearer to each other in case they fall back they will still remain intact on their place. These earphones have a built-in microphone and do not come with a flip boom mic. Similarly, behind the head headphones are the same type with a very little difference in its looks but fall into the same category as this.

To whom it better suits: Exercise, sports, attending calls, casual use and music.

i. Gaming headphones

Gaming headphones are the over ear headphones with the same bulkiness and bigger ear muffs as we have explained earlier, they usually come with built-in microphone or flip to boom mic to make conversation with the friends. The properties are a bit unusual to ordinary over ear headphones because of the intensive job they are assigned to. With much bigger drivers, bigger battery and noise cancelling feature. They also come in wired versions so the user would not suffer from low battery and sudden shut off of the headphones but can switch and move to connect them via cable for nonstop playing.

To whom it better suits: Gaming, commercial use, chatting, attending calls and music

j. Bone conduction headphones

This type of headphones are way too different from any standard headphones or earphones we regularly use at home or office. Instead of pushing sound waves through the air, bone conduction headphones use vibration to send them. They use your jaw bone to deliver that vibration thus they require more power as compared to regular headphones. The best part is, if you are wearing a hearing aid device, these headphones still accommodate you. The sound they push is similar to any headphone and is not lower in any case.

To whom it better suits: Sports, exercise, attending calls and music

2. Other primary factors to consider

After knowing which type of headphones you are basically in a need for, there are other important factors which need your eye too.

a. Sound quality

No need to wonder, why sound matters to us after the style of hearing and the types of headphones. This is a matter of preferences, sound is always the one which needs to come first but is not always the case. However, the sound quality of the earphones are always been defined by the size of the drivers installed in them. The bigger the size the bigger drivers will be so the sound will be impressive too. These drivers are responsible to pick the electromagnetic sound waves and decode them into the vocals or audio we listen to.
Whereas, the sound spectrum is so diversified and every individual has its own taste of listening, it would be highly appreciable if the headphone consists of EQ settings, i.e. the equalizers as per one’s taste. This feature is regulated via the App of the manufacturer and the detailing of the options to make the sound accordingly varies too. Similarly, the headphones offering tweaking by the user for the bass or treble, is also one of the demanding features.

b. Noise isolation vs noise cancellation

Don’t get confused over these terms, although the purpose of both of them is similar but are different in rendering the same result at the end. In noise isolation, the eartips or ear cups block out the external noise only they are capable of, without any science or technology involvement. For example, put your hands over your ears, the way and the limited noise they block, noise isolation does in the same way. This is also known as passive noise cancelling, these headsets are much cheaper than active noise cancelling headphones.
On the other side, active noise cancelling headphones (ANC) consists of microphones to block out the external noise and ambient noise too. Your earcups only accept the primary sound or the sound drivers of the headphones are producing, anything coming from the outside world is being cancelled out. This is the most demanding feature by the professionals who need to focus on their task by any hook or crook.

c. Waterproof/ sweat proof/ dust proof

Here comes the concept of IPX rating that is the Ingress Protection rating.
IPX(?)= defines the water and sweat protection rate
IP(?)X= defines the dust or particle protection rate
IP(?)(?)= defines the rating for water, sweat and dust protection rating together.
If you are a swimmer, then make sure the headphone you are picking is IPX8 rated, yet for water resistible and sweat proof headsets, up to IPX7 rating is feasible. Whereas, IP6X is a dust proof headset and IP5X is dust resistible.
Therefore, in case of outdoor activities or for running, headphones should be chosen accordingly.

d. Budget

How much you are willing to spend makes a huge difference on your pick. As we have said, it is all the matter of preferences, what matters to you might be secondary for someone else. Thus neither we nor anyone can predict what should be the first thing to think about. However, if the budget is your main concern, then the story may differ and you have to start from the price range and choose the headphones within that range.
Now the thing is, the headset within that particular range of price must or at least comes with the basic features which you need them into. Gaming headsets are a bit expensive, as the more features you want into them the more costly they will become, in short, you will come across the price range up to $300 and go around $30 minimum.


From headphones to wireless headphones or wireless earbuds, to gaming earphones to bone conduction, everything will be found here. Your needs define the design or particular headset you basically opt for. Consequently, we have tried to assort them according to your specific need and the job they are best at. Hopefully, we have nailed the perfectness for you in terms of the budget, speciality and their potential they are offering. If you have any query leave a comment or contact us directly, we will try our level best to assist you. Good luck for your purchase.

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