3 Tried and Tested eCommerce Tips to Reduce Chargebacks

So, have you persuaded users to your site, removed them from their footing and indexed pages and reduced them for exit? A confirmation order is displayed and you send their order within an hour. After a few hours, the money arrives in your business account.

Everyone is happy.

Well, everyone is happy until your bank withdraws the money from your account and sends it back to your client for a refund.

Of course, repaying debt is a challenge for eCommerce businesses, costing them millions of dollars each year.

What is a refund?

Before we jump into the three experimental tests, here are some quick suggestions on what to do next.

Cashback and conflict between customer and business.

If the bank determines that the loan repayment is true, it will convert the money and return the money to the customer’s account.

If the bank determines that the repayment is not real, the seller saves it.

How Can I Limit Reimbursement?

Unfortunately, not all refunds were used to replace real credit card fraud.

Sometimes a buyer forgets that they bought something and thinks it is a fraud, sometimes they do not want to pay and so on.

Protecting your business from refunds should not be a major issue. Simple things that work well can bring real benefits to your business and greatly reduce your frustration with online business.

In this article, I will look at three tried and tested methods you can use to reduce the number of refunds you receive.

Create restorative and non-refundable payment methods

Reimbursement for a brick and mortar store is easy. If someone wants to return something, they go back to the store and find your customer service desk.

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a challenge for online businesses.

Just think of it. Your business may be in New York and your client may be in Hawaii. This leads to serious operational problems.

Who arranges the return? Who pays for shipping? When should you release a refund to your client? Will you refund the money you sent earlier? What happens if your delivery company loses the package?

Even the best payment methods are painful for both the seller and the seller.

Okay, that’s fine but how does that relate to the returns?

Modern customers as simple. Amazon Prime, a drive-through fast food, a much-needed move. Today, people expect things to get easier.

If your return is not easy, they will look the other way. Unfortunately, more and more customers are turning to refunds as a way to reduce repayments.

I suggest you start thinking about your return and refund if you compete directly. Now, ask yourself if your return method is the best way to test your customers away from the return method.

Well, enough dangerous story. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your money.

Basically, it all depends on minimizing conflicts. Think of combining prepaid, pre-paid envelopes integrated with orders, using dedicated repatriation staff, printing a simple, helpful and consistent recurring plan.

Whatever you decide to do, always try and put yourself in your client’s shoes with a photo of how they feel. For example, if you paid for a postage, how would they feel?

When your customers find out that you are repaying a debt without any stress, they are more likely to repay the loan.

Use a name that people know

There is a company called 37signals based in the US. Although they have a number of features, they are best known for a performance tool called Basecamp.

Basecamp became so popular that customers began to refer to the entire company as Basecamp.

This made things very confusing when it came to payment. Customers receive their quote and view the price from 37signals LLC and immediately suspect that someone has stolen a credit card.

Back in 2009, 37signals’ chargebacks were shooting and needed an answer. So they began to try to interpret their words.

After some experimentation, they changed their name to a URL – 37signals-charge.com – so customers saw 37signals-charge.com and not 37signals LLC on their own terms.

If a confused client typed the link, they are taken to a website which explained that 37signals was a company behind Basecamp and that is what they are paid for.

Wages were down 30% and (I think) there were a lot of highs!

The transfer instructions are clear. Choose a nickname that your customers recognize right away!

Keep the lines of communication open

Think about the last time you received poor customer service. I’m really talking very poor customer. Military, stand-alone, customer-centered actions.

The type of work for which tired, low-paid and uninterested employees respond to the same canned response before transferring you to another but uncoordinated department.

Do you feel your frustration screaming? Do you feel like your eyes are shaking? Do you feel like hanging up the phone?

If clients are given less work and are unable to achieve what they are trying to achieve, would you blame them for using other methods such as refunds?

Surprisingly, good customer service is not a problem.

Yes, it is difficult but you do not have to renovate your business or bring in more skilled workers.

The biggest change you can make is to improve your connection.

Do it regularly, do it quickly and coordinate. Answer emails, calls and social networking sites write as fast as you can.

Provide honest answers if possible. Don’t wait for your customers to connect. Respond quickly and solve their problems.

You will be amazed at how the customer feels if they think you are working for him instead of fighting them.

Average Reimbursement

The reason you have it, are three simple steps you can take to reduce the amount you receive.

Below are some company logos from retailers Ingenico. Find your companies and see how you compare with the average.

Companies Average Reimbursement Rate
Software 0.89
Financial Services 0.79
Games 0.59
Gambling 0.56
Ritelo 0.45
Travel 0.37
Media & eContent 0.31

How does your business run against company standards? Tell us in the comments.

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