4 Lessons For Playing Multiple Sports From Patrick Mahomes, the Poster Boy of Multi-Sport Athletes

Patrick Mahomes is a tough, old-fashioned athlete who keeps all his coaches at Whitehouse High School talking about his future.

This, however, was not intentional.

“We all understood that Patrick was the best of them all,” said Adam Cook, Patrick’s head coach at Whitehouse, who is now the school’s chief athlete. “In our mind we always thought he would come up and say, ‘I’m going to keep my mind on the game. He was the secretary of many athletic athletes. “

It’s easy to find out about Patrick’s history as the 25-year-old who was just about to be born a Super Bowl MVP for the Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs superstar. What most people don’t know is that in baseball, Patrick threw a 93-kilometer ball an hour and hit almost .500 from the plate, forcing the Detroit Tigers to sign him in 2014. In basketball, he scored 19.2 and 8.3 points. prolongs its season. And in football, he set impressive figures at Texas Tech.

But the truth is, Mahomes playing three games until high school could have ruined his chances, meaning he was a three-star player who is said to have received only three courses. Instead, 247Sports ranked him the 398th-highest in the country – and the 50th-highest in Texas – in the 2014 Class.

However, at Whitehouse, just two hours before southeast Dallas, everyone pursued what Patrick could achieve as a result of his amazing career over the years.

Cook says: “We knew we had something special. “We knew he was going to do great things. We didn’t know which way to go.”

Here are four lessons that young athletes can learn from Patrick’s youth sports events:

Write your own story

Naturally, Patrick’s parents had a profound influence on him. His father, Patrick Sr., played in the 11 Major League season, but his mother Randi deserves praise from the Chiefs and all her fans.

Before his youth, Patrick became frustrated with football and decided to focus on baseball.

“I just said you’ll regret it if you quit,” Randi told Fox4 in Kansas City.

Cook points to Patrick’s high year as he chased football, basketball and baseball carelessly – and enthusiastically. With just 58-39 and 4:30 left in the third round, Patrick made another impressive comeback in the Class 4A Division II regional tournament against Mesquite Poteet. But one of his opponents threw a hard pass and the ball was snatched at the last minute of the game. Mahomes finished with 619 yards through a 65-60 loss, Whitehouse’s first loss of the season.

“It was a waste of time,” recalls Cook.

Later, a Whitehouse player threw a helmet. Patrick intervened.

He said, ‘Hey, we don’t do that,’ ”Cook recalls.

This created an excellent season for the school, Patrick led the team to 12-1 with 5,559 yards and 65 touchdowns. He was named Texas 4A Player of the Year.

The next day, Patrick participated in the first game of the varsity basketball team. Once again, in the postseason, Patrick shone for his team, scoring 49 and 37 wins in the playoffs.

He then graduated from high school with a degree in diamonds. Because his father played professionally, including the New York Yankees, Patrick connected with famous players such as Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez as a teenager. Continuing with impressive statistics, Patrick also put up unbeaten with 16 shows in his last season of baseball preparation. Then, a few hours later, he won three times, including a home run, in a 10-3 victory.

Whitehouse baseball coach Derrick Jenkins said: “He can do whatever he wants on the baseball field.” Also, he is the smartest player I ever taught him.

While many emphasize the need for young athletes to play a number of games, the reality is much more complex, especially for those who shine in one sport. They are faced with the pressure of choosing a game, often from the coach of a particular team and a particular sport.

“The goal is to make them a lifelong athlete, not a good 12-year-old athlete,” Jon Solomon, executive director of the Aspen Institute Sports and Society Program, told Yahoo. “Patrick Mahomes is a great example of how fitness can help over time.”

Cook says Patrick – with the help of his family – did not try to get into any of the boxes or follow the usual style of play beyond high school.

“You may not have had a good day, but when the sun rises tomorrow, you have a new day,” says Cook. “Patrick has always been confident about who he is and just being alone, and writing his story.”


Patrick stands at 6 feet 3 and weighs 230 pounds. Although known for his strength and accuracy, he also played his part in SportsCenter’s best with his legs, gestures and speed.

But that is not what made Patrick so special, Cook says.

“You ask our teacher, ‘Which game is Patrick’s favorite?’ They respond, ‘Every time he lives,’ ”says Cook. “He’s a competitive man, and he always has his mind on things. No matter what it is, he is ready to compete.

Cook adds that Patrick did not just focus on the game. He forced himself to excel in any endeavors, too.

Former leaders running back Kareem Hunt once said that Patrick was the most competitive man he had ever met; Patrick’s past shows how he competes in everything from ping-pong to golf. Patrick points to growing up around professional athletes because of his culture.

“I’m growing up in a locker room,” Patrick told Bleacher Report. “When you look at these guys, they compete in everything. My dad is the same. He competes with me to this day. He thinks he can beat me in a race.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told a news conference that Patrick’s approach to professional athletes at a young age showed he was ruthless and competitive. But Reid pointed to some of the unseen traits that set Patrick apart.

“I don’t know if you can teach that part,” said Reid. sure it happens, He has done it. ”

Coaches that help you

Cook, a football coach at Whitehouse, realized that Patrick had a unique athletic ability. But instead of changing Patrick’s plans, Cook was careful not to force his ex-son too far.

That conviction was born as a result of his own experience as a child. Cook, an accomplished sportsman, recalls how the high school baseball coach insisted he had to change his wrestling style. Although he was a very good fighter, Cook struggled with tweaks.

Cook relates: “I lost all self-confidence, and as a result, I kept saying, ‘I don’t put children in the box.’ Patrick’s hand was not where it wanted, but he did. I did not want to teach her too much. “

Cook and his assistants worked with Patrick on foot, but always took the initiative to ensure that Patrick was not overly sensitive in the arena, relying on his natural instincts and skills.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” says Cook. “There are a lot of quarterbacks who want you to do it this way, with everyone looking for a cookie cutter, dot or mechanic. But Patrick has broken the mold on many ideas that already existed in the quarterback game.”

Apart from that, Cook says, some of the most developed talents that shine on the football field were honored and refined in basketball and baseball. Ignorance passes, shaking from his arm in various ways. Players sometimes make a Long Toss drill, which involves throwing the ball too far, in the form of a throw from the outside to the home plate. There is a YouTube video of Patrick throwing a 65-yard baseball bat – from his knees!

At Texas Tech, the Red Raiders counted the Mahomes to try out several times.

“I think baseball prepared me to be a pitcher,” Mahomes told a news conference. “I remember one of my friends who was a friend of mine who was in my room for the new year in college, came to me one last time and was like, ‘You have 77 tests right now.’ I was like, ‘Man is the most passable.’ ”

Do not be afraid of failure

Thanks to his mother, Patrick never gave up football, and he never regretted becoming a three-star writer or receiving two or three football courses. And after enrolling in Texas tech, he played baseball – and suffered a lot. On Feb. 21, 2015, vs. In Northern Illinois, Mahomes formed his own Collegiate baseball team, entering the game in the ninth inning with the Red Raiders 6-0. According to The Athletic, Patrick threw 11 balls, two runs, one hit and a free kick. All three fighters he met scored. It was also flawless in the form of two plates.

And despite having well-known performances at Texas Tech in football, Patrick’s teams did not do well in his time. His record was 13-16 as a first, undefeated in six games against his opponents. His best season was 2015, when he was a sophomore, and the Red Raiders went 7-6.

This really helped Patrick become the 10th general pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, eight points behind quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. But apparently he did well under the leadership of Reid, who has worked with well-known players such as Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Alex Smith.

Growing up, Cook did not have a favorite team, instead following good quarterbacks like John Elway and Troy Aikman.

“I loved watching them compete,” Cook says. “But now I have my favorite team and my favorite player. I could not be proud of Patrick, not only for what he has done but for how he has done it. It is handsome and of a surreal nature. “

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