Chelsea transfer round-up: Blues ‘lead’ Matthijs De Ligt race as Mino Raiola moves goalposts

Chelsea are wanted by one of the world’s most defensive players in Dutch international, at a time when they could lose Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen, both of whom have their contracts expired next summer.

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Thomas Tuchel looks at head competitions

There could be more and more departures for Chelsea in 2022.

Thomas Tuchel’s side are hoping to lose a number of players in their first team with Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen’s contracts expiring next summer.

This has led to speculation as to who the Blues can bring in (or all) after they leave, with a number of high-profile names linked with a move to Stamford Bridge.

One of those names is Dutch international defender Matthijs de Ligt – and Chelsea they can be set up to succeed in their pursuit Juventus stars.

Elsewhere, the club is busy preparing for the future and is said to be ready to compete with some of Europe’s top clubs to secure the signings of a young French player who has been scoring goals.

Here are all the recent rumors of Chelsea.

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Matthijs de Ligt could be on his way to Stamford Bridge


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The Blues are looking for a young player

Chelsea say they are ready to face Atletico Madrid and AC Milan for French midfielder Mohamed-Ali Cho.

The 17-year-old spent time preparing for the youth in Paris Saint-Germain and Everton, before leaving the Toffees last year to sign his first home contract with Angers.

French printing Group Chelsea reports have shown interest in the youngster and have already sent scouts to see him.

Multiplier Defender

Captain Cesar Azpilicueta is expected to stay at Stamford Bridge despite being linked with a move. Barcelona and its collaboration at the end of the season, Spanish TV series El Chiringuito de Jugones [via Sport Witness ] reports.

This is because according to the report, there is an agreement to extend the player’s contract.

Spanish journalist Eduardo Inda says there is no chance of Azpilicueta returning to Spain next summer.

Who should be in the England team at the World Cup next year? Say your words below

Chelsea take the lead in the Matthijs de Ligt competition

Chelsea are ‘ahead’ of Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt, although each contract depends on one factor.

The player’s assistant, Mino Raiola, is trying to negotiate a reduction in his decision with the Italian giants, according to Tuttosport.

The report states that Raiola wants to reduce the € 120m release fee from de Ligt’s contract from July next year, which would please Chelsea players.

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Them Bombs Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

Their bombs

Yellow Dont

$ 8.69

Message from Dr. TiNT takes you to the bomb that hits. Tickets! Tickets! Every second counts. Do you have a cool head and be able to lower a bomb? One of the players takes part in the Impossible Tournament, which finds a bomb and tries to eliminate it. The other one is an Expert, who has access to the Bomb Defusal Manual – and can’t look at the bomb. Together, your goal is to save as many lives as you can. Read, listen, and speak to clear the air!

Business Information:
Manufacturer: Yellow Dont
Publisher: Yellow Dont
Website: Their bombs
Twitter: @YellowDot_Games / @mabomba

Affiliates can be obtained from Microsoft by clicking the link and purchasing.

Their Bombs Are Now Available On Digital Calling And Download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S
Let’s Cook One Now Available on Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S
Let’s Cook One Now Available For Online Ordering And Download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S

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Remembering 5 Netflix Shows That Broke The Internet

Prior to the release of HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or Hulu, Netflix had the right to choose which TV entertainment. Heck, Netflix has more traffic than ever YouTube to mp3 translators. Despite the growing competition, Netflix is ​​still one of the largest advertising services in the world and continues to produce high quality content, starting with its huge audience.

Today we look back on the golden age of Netflix, when it seemed that every month, its TV shows seemed to attract the attention of the public, and we were at the forefront of cool talk shows. We remember 5 Netflix shows that disrupted the internet and gave some reasons why they did so well for so many people.

13 Reasons

13 Reasons Why (Season 1) describes the tragedy of Hannah Baker, a high school student who committed suicide, following horrific bullying, and other unforgivable actions from her classmates. With a deep, deep story to follow, the TV show drew a lot of controversy from story, journalists and schools, concerned with issues affecting the youth group. Many schools also held meetings to discuss open communication with students, or to completely ban / prevent students from viewing.

Naturally, all the media and the heated argument only made Netflix viewers flock to the show to see what the controversy was all about. There are legitimate arguments to be presented on both sides of the table, but we can all agree that the demonstration was ahead of our public notice for about a month.

Tiger King

Tiger King is a record of real people, though you can always see unbelievers as real, real people. The mysterious harbor follows the lives of people in the world of big cat cats, and humans, are different. There are rumors of murder that lead to the whole crisis, drug trafficking, financial problems, three-person marriage, the loss of arms and legs, and everything is in the first phase.

The Tiger King came out at the beginning of the closure, and gave us all a chance to escape the tragic events, when we could be comforted that even though – we were not completely extinct as a Tiger-King.

Strange Things

You may have noticed that our media age is very difficult in the 80s right now. We hear it in our songs (The Weeknd), we see it in our clothes (brightly colored jackets), and yup, we see it on TV.

One of the pioneers in the good of the ’80s is sci-fi, the time of Stranger Things. With a detailed story, amazing baby actors, cliffhangers, meme culture, and a good influence of Steven King’s influence, Strange Things should be enjoyed. If you are looking for an interesting group with ideas of ’80s inside, check it out San Cisco Mistakes stay here.

Mirror Wakuda

As our digital world continues to evolve, so will our uncertainty over technology. I mean, did you find the latest Zuckerburg video talking about Metaverse ?! Quite crazy.

The Black Mirror uses this fear to explain the issues of autonomy, each showing the potential consequences of technological advances. For example, the moment your star corresponds to the position of the place where you live leads to the number of liars, as well as the collapse of a well-known person.

These issues are psychological, complex, and even scientific / fiction, do not feel that they can go far beyond our country. That’s what makes Black Mirror so impressive.

Squid game

The most recent Netflix event in the world was Squid Games, and it could be their biggest show to date. The Squid Games feel like a rivalry between the Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games, with a group of broken, low-income people taking part in violent, lifeless plots to win big money – all as fun watching / betting for the rich. / select companies.

It has fun, colorful faces, humor, political themes, amazing endings, and the most amazing to come back, every episode.

It is another excellent part of Korean film that proves that Hollywood needs to promote various shows and stories.

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ASEAN, Switzerland reaffirm commitment to further strengthen cooperation

JAKARTA, 17 NOVEMBER 2021 – ASEAN and Switzerland reaffirmed their commitment to advance their partnership on the 6thth The ASEAN-Switzerland Joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee meeting was held yesterday via videoconference.

During the meeting, both sides exchanged views on developments in ASEAN and Switzerland, including responses to the COVID-19 epidemic. ASEAN commended Swiss medical assistance, amounting to about CHF 15 million, for the ASEAN region to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic in 2021. It also urged both parties to re-examine the possible co-operation in tackling the epidemic and its economic woes. post-epidemic recovery phase.

The conference welcomed the progress made in the partnership since their partnership began five years ago. The two groups discussed completed, ongoing work, and plans for the establishment of ASEAN-Switzerland Sectoral Dialogue Partnership: Practical Cooperation Areas 2017-2021.

He explored opportunities to promote cooperation in the tourism industry; communication; wise cities; digital skills; disaster management and humanitarian assistance; and ecosystems, management and management.

Other possible links were also discussed, such as; training and vocational training and employment; small, medium and micro enterprises; sustainable development; forests; cybersecurity; social interaction; public health emergencies; and responding to the health problems of COVID-19.

The conference anticipated the establishment of the ASEAN-Switzerland Practical Areas of Cooperation (2022-2026), which will be a five-year work plan for both parties to agree on a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN to the ASEAN Political-Security Department, Michael Tene, and the Director of the Asia and Pacific Division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation, Raphael Nägeli, chaired the meeting. Members of the ASEAN Standing Committee or their representatives and the Swiss Ambassador to ASEAN Kurt Kunz were present.

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Note ASEAN, Switzerland reaffirms its commitment to continue promoting solidarity appeared for the first time ASEAN.

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How Asia can accelerate its green energy transition

Asia could also accelerate its efforts to reduce carbon emissions by increasing natural gas consumption and combining gas consumption.

Technologies such as carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) can also “create a very low carbon footprint that can be used on a large scale, and at a high cost”.

With the transition to a low carbon footprint, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is expected to play a major role in Asia for the next 10 to 15 years.

Asia needs to adopt a carbon-emissions strategy to help boost greenhouse gas emissions, the head of oil company BP (BP.L) said Monday.

“The high carbon target that can prevent emissions, moving air to other areas, needs to be done to change it,” said Eugene Leong, president of BP Singapore and head of BP’s trading & shipping arm in Asia Pacific. and the Middle East.

“It is largely based in developed countries, and the cost of well-produced carbon contributes to innovative incentives,” Leong said in a discussion of what was written at the Platts APPEC 2021 annual conference.

Asia can also accelerate its efforts to reduce emissions by increasing the use of natural gas and combining the use of natural gas with technologies such as carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) to “provide the lowest carbon efficiency that can be used on a large scale, and affordable. , ”Said Leong.

With the transition to a low carbon footprint, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is expected to play a major role in Asia for the next 10 to 15 years.

“LNG will also open the way for development” because it provides stability in the grid while add-ons are still a “timeless energy source,” Leong said.

Some Asian countries have already begun using LNG instead of coal to meet their needs.

“There has never been a more powerful (systems) than China, which saw the need for LNG to rise last year,” Leong said.

As part of the BP focus on energy change, the two main focus areas are mobility and low carbon energy.

What is the World Economic Forum’s response to the change in clean energy?

The move to cleaners is crucial in tackling climate change, yet in the last five years, energy changes have passed.

Energy consumption and production contribute two-thirds of the world’s gas, and 81% of the world’s electricity is still based on fossil fuels, the same amount as in the last 30 years. In addition, the dynamic change in the global economy (the amount of energy used in each sector of the economy) is declining. In 2018 electricity consumption increased by 1.2%, the lowest since 2010.

Effective policies, secret services and public-private partnerships are essential for a strong, sustainable, affordable and secure global system.

Benchmark advancement is essential for successful change. The World Economic Forum’s Energy Transition Index, which has 115 rich resources in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability and achievement, points out that the biggest challenge facing climate change is the lack of planning among the world’s largest producers, including US, China. , India and Russia. The 10 countries with the highest production capacity account for only 2.6% of annual gas worldwide.

To ensure the future of the global energy system, Forum’s Shaping the Future of Energy and Materials Platform is working on a combination of experiments, Systemic Efficiency, Innovation and Clean Energy and the Global Battery Alliance to promote and facilitate energy efficiency, technologies and solutions.

In addition, the Mission Possible Platform (MPP) is working to mobilize public and private sector organizations to promote corporate transformation to create more prosperous companies…

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Tips to Start a Car Audio Store

It can be beneficial to have a business, but you have a lot of work that goes hand in hand with ownership. Cars are a different beast because they are expensive and you need to know the ins and outs of the machine. Automotive sensors can be a profitable business to drive.

Automotive hearing aids are excellent for entertaining as well as automotive performance. You will enjoy listening to a post, music or calling your car if you make the right choice.

However, with all these advantages, you can choose the wrong ones and be very frustrated. The car may be shaking even if it is downhill. Therefore, we recommend testing your voice machine before receiving. You can also visit a car dealership or review it on social media, TV shows, and other forums or both.

Best UTV Bluetooth Speaker: You should get the UTV speakers for your car audio car shop for UTV car lovers

You also need to know your client. In some cases, you may need shares Golf Chart Golf Talks or UTV Bluetooth speaker if this is what is needed in your community. Otherwise, acquisition of ordinary vehicle equipment and equipment is of paramount importance.

Here are some tips to help you start a car audio shop.

How to set up an auto music store

Get Experience Installing Audio

Start by going to a driving school to help you learn the basics of automotive. You can start looking more at car music the way you want to direct your work. Build your foundation and find a car audio shop developing job skills.

First, you will develop the skills to set up automotive hearing aids by working on a variety of vehicles. Second, you will begin to understand how to run a business by taking on the role of assistant or supervisor. Third, you can start creating a client.

You will start to build relationships with other people, and they will remember you for your work. Next, you want to start the transition phase into a car audio business business.

Make a Business Plan

Will you have a store? What kind of customer do you want? Maybe you enjoy making luxury items for people with luxury cars.

Also, you can think of a medium to get a larger audience. You can create custom audio straps for most manufacturers. Maybe a marketing tool would work well because you want to make relationships with the local and national car sensors.

Find out the cost of rent, storage, shipping, and more.

Consider Working with the Franchise

Once you start, you can develop relationships and fairness to work with a consistent brand. You can buy a franchise.

People already know the name and its history. You can have a stake in the brand and create a shop within a large company.

Debt settlement process

Do you have $ 50,000 to $ 350,000 left? If so, this is a great opportunity for you to invest in your future. Investing here will make a huge difference as our business grows and becomes more popular over time!

Debt may not be necessary if there is a start-up fee linked to a compliant company; However, banks may offer other sources of income, such as merger or transfer of funds when they make a profit.

We recommend spending 75% of that money on labor costs and 25% on retail business.

When choosing a lender, please consider interest rates. Interest can weaken the business if it does not run smoothly. Interest rates vary from bank to bank and from negotiation skills. Also, most banks will consider your credit.

Think about the location of your business

Try to choose a location that is relevant to your business. This might be the best place for you: it could be a car dealership or car dealership! Customers looking for other vehicle-related tools may come to the site; meanwhile, those interested in hearing aids can go online instead of lending such things to them (saving money).

When trying to find the right storage space for your new car, think about what kind of connections a customer has. You can also consider opening an online store to eliminate these expensive rental properties if they are not close to a good location.

Apply for a Business Permit

You always want to be a licensed seller. Not just to let people know you are a legitimate business but to cover yourself up for insurance. You never know what might happen with a listening machine when in the hands of a client.

Brand profile and everything. You want to have a good reputation with salespeople to provide you with the best products to sell in your store.

Buy equipment and supplies

There are a number of tools and equipment you may need to sell car music. You need to make sure you get the tools at the right price. This means finding the right vendors, vendors, or manufacturers that can supply you in your area.

Some of the most common sound features include car stereos, subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers.

You can buy from any well-known brand of automotive music machines including Sony, Panasonic, Kenwood, Clarion, JVC, Infinity, Pioneer, Rockford, Fosgate, No, Kicker, Jensen, among other systems.

You will also need cords, stickers and tools for connecting the systems. In addition, to operate the machine you will need tools such as screwdriver sets, snips, pliers, electrical tape, and assault rifles.

Also, some people want high-end audio equipment. This means you need to make sure you have GPS, Rear view cameras, navigation tools, DVD headsets, car alarms, videos, voice processors, and radar detectors. Also, you can install Bluetooth hands-free devices as well Bluetooth car speakers.

Use a listening shop

When you buy tools and equipment, you need to make the shop work. This can be done with the following strategies:

  • Hiring staff and the ability to set up listening devices or courses. This will help you to reduce your tuition fees. However, if not, hire staff and train them on how to install or sell an audio machine.
  • Find office equipment and supplies: Receipt of receipt books and computers should be done for all commercial transactions. The computer must have marketing software that can help make your business easier. In addition, it should help you to create simple stocks, earn profits and lose accounts and even the right paper.
  • Visiting the store: Before you open customer doors, walk around your store to make sure everything is in order. You can check out the store and the actual store to make sure you are not leaving customers frustrated.
  • Advertise on Social media and other lists: Nowadays, social networking sites give you a way to customize your ads based on your location and demographics. You can create ads that target your customers. In addition, you can register online shopping. This is in addition to the additional ads for other media.

What you should know when you start car music

From our research we have found three things we need to know when investing in our car terms:

1. Proper care

Sound-sensing anti-vibration equipment: Some auxiliary devices can prevent vibrations in your vehicle. This prevents noise that we do not want in our car. As a result, you can hear the sounds you want to hear from your car.

Voice correction gives you a chance to get a better feel for your music. Airborne vocals, vocals and vibrations. It steals acoustics from the speaker system so it is important to get sound support.

Bad speakers sound very bad without sound help. But even the larger speakers sound worse when the car is not audio treated.

2. There is more car audio than sub-woofers

As you upgrade the system, you need to upgrade some of your music system. This includes speakers. Also, you need a dedicated amplifier for speakers.

Selection of a speaker should be done after the speakers have been tested. Some expensive speakers may not provide a noticeable change in voice so experimentation gives you a much better choice.

3. Take your time and use the money to find the best words.

To ensure that you get the best listening experience, we recommend that you do this once and for all. Don’t buy a listening machine because it is cheap.

Therefore, just buy a good listening machine because the equipment lasts a long time. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.


There are many ways to make a parking lot. Find the right fit for you and your client.

When choosing a cau music store, make sure the site has what we need but what our needs are. Try to avoid places as they do in most parts of the city where I live. So, if possible, avoid expensive rental and buy as much as you can.


How much does it cost to open a car audio shop?

A good car audio store will go up in the middle $ 50,000 and $ 350,000 depending on the number and type of equipment and your location. Rental equipment, tools, and installation are the most expensive in the shop.

Is Car Audio a good business?

Yes, the automotive listening business is the one that is growing. This is because of the great need for audio car components. Obedient business is good because of the amount of cars that are produced each year and the need to upgrade old cars.

What do you need to do with the sound system in the car?

There are three main components of the car audio system: 1. Headphone jack with various electronic components such as a radio tuner, CD player, preamp, amplifier which are all connected by various cables. 2. The Amplifier and 3. Speakers whose characteristics and character are very important

How do you set up car speakers?

To set up the car speakers, you need to drain the power, remove the old speakers and replace them with new speakers. This can be done easily or it can be done by a skilled professional. This is because the process of removing panels, grilles, and covers from speakers can be difficult in addition to reconnecting wires to new speakers.

Can you mix car speakers?

We strongly recommend that you do not mix the car speakers as this may cause discomfort to the speakers. You will hear unintelligible sounds from your lights if you do not mix different types of car speakers.

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The Bitcoin Price Continues To Dump. Will Support Hold?


  • The Bears Are Back In Town
  • $ 58,000 With Strong Bitcoin Support
  • If $ 58,000 Does Not Work
  • Pansi Pansi

The Bears Are Back In Town

Just one week ago, the price of Bitcoin had stabilized always $ 69,000. Since then, we have seen the Bears intervene to push the price up to $ 58,500, down 15%. The move is taking place in the last 24 hours, pushing under major technical support, and 20 days Simple Moving Average (SMA) around the $ 63,000 level.

Earlier this morning, the Bulls returned to the 50-day SMA for more than $ 58,000, showing strong support at this level with the Dragonfly Doji candle printed on the hourly chart, indicating a long line to the bottom. The next meeting up to $ 61,000 was still short, and we saw a rejection at 20 SMA (yellow line) on the one-hour chart, before we saw the price go down to try out the support at $ 58,000 again. The Bulls responded, sticking very low and pushing up to try to break the 20 SMA in an hour, setting the “W” model.

At the time of writing, we are also seeing resistance on this moving average, failing to close the one-hour candle above the yellow line. Now the question remains: are the bulls continuing to push for higher prices, or will we see another move?


$ 58,000 With Strong Bitcoin Support

The $ 58,000 price tag is pretty impressive right now. Not only is the 50-day SMA sitting there, but it is also an important factor in pricing ideas. If we look at the view of the week, we can see that this was the point that Bitcoin came up on February for this year. It is also the factor that caused the price to fall by 50% on May 10th when it failed to function as an aid. The confluence between the two is synergistically used together to increase the line strength in the sand.


If $ 58,000 Does Not Work

If the price of Bitcoin falls below the $ 58,000 level, it looks like the Bulls will continue to buy the dip. A visual event with a rope down there, but seeing a quick turnaround. Most importantly I see weekly closures above this level, and close daily candles on top of it is a favorite from Bullish. If we start to see daily candles closing below this level, a move down to $ 50,000 – $ 53,000 should be expected.

Pansi Pansi

Currently, Bitcoin is in a downtrend. But downtrend is in the midst of a major upswing that has recently brought us to a new level of regularity. This is Bullish. And there are plenty of places for Bitcoin to fall before it loses its high-quality, low-key form on the big screen. Bitcoin should fall below $ 40,000 before we can say that the system has been hacked. That being said, there is still a lot of work to be done before we can see a new permanent upgrade.

The first thing we need to see is the price starting to close the one-hour candles above the 20 SMA at that point, which is also trying to do as I write this. If this move exceeds $ 61,500, we can see the “W” shape every hour and target about $ 64,000. A move that could lead us to try the 20 Day SMA, which we should expect to reject. If we start to see the daily candle closing above that level, it would be fair to say the Bulls are back.


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Dubai Airshow 2021: UVision to Display its Next Generation Aerial Strike Capabilities

This is a new Russian T-90S Military Tank.

Air-conditioned equipment offers a greater degree of complexity & wise missions.

Dubai Airshow, November 14-18, Imani 892 – Suggestions for company UVision Air Ltd. – a global leader in a variety of air force missions of all kinds – will present for the first time its Hero Series list of the most accurate, proven military missiles with the ability to fly more and more, at every turn. , at Dubai Airshow 2021.

The HERO family of high-speed navigation devices were specially designed to meet the requirements of setting up the platform. With low-resolution, visible acoustic, radar and high-temperature signals, as well as with a large head to handle high-impact and dynamic targets, these machines can detect, track and strike hidden objects or move more accurately. Shipping from a number of aerial platforms, the Hero machines have high-speed and regular payloads, designed for a variety of electronic and explosive ‘kinetic’ applications, making them suitable for use in almost any attack mission. .

“The mobile military provides exceptional power to the modern military arena, giving the echelons a sense of the past, minimizing sensor-to-shooter rotation and maintaining independence,” says Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision. “This possibility is already in the forefront of NATO’s senior military and some of Vision’s leading clients around the world. The Abraham Accords alliance opens up new opportunities for cooperation between UVision and military forces in the UAE. “Vision sees the UAE as an important market, and we strive to foster new cooperation between our countries.”

At Dubai Airshow, UVision will have the following features (Booth # 892):

Hero-30 Loitering Munition System – designed and manufactured by UVision, the Hero-30 incorporates accurate attacks and the ability to abort. This easy-to-use system enables future powers to initiate operations, as well as respond to any enemy or threat poses that may arise, and to eliminate them more accurately. The Hero-30’s high potential includes targets with more precision and closure, second-final abortion, and re-testing or target targets. Its flexible design (crowded, motorized or parked) makes it ideal for a wide variety of work styles.

Hero-30 Loitering Munition SystemHero-30 Loitering Munition System
Hero-30 Loitering Munition System

Hero-120 Loitering Munition System – centralized, anti-weapon systems that meet the requirements of modern warfare. The Hero-120 is an advanced anti-aircraft weapon with a unique aerodynamic shape that strikes continuously against weapons, anti-missiles and anti-humans, including tanks, cars, concrete fences, and other soft-fitted human enclosures. rural areas. The very accurate performance of the Hero-120 proves minimal damage. Its many multi-purpose weapons enable the user to achieve all the goals.

Hero-400 Loitering Munition System – a long, highly precise rotation system with minimal signature, viscosity and temperature that can detect, control and hit fixed and shifting targets more accurately, as well as less damage. The ability to hit well, with long-lasting durability of up to two hours, and a wide range of weapons – including concrete drilling, anti-tank, and anti-humans that handle a wide variety of targets with exceptional accuracy – support long and flexible missions. Thanks to its unique design, the Hero-400 offers a mid-air abortion that allows you to re-enter the walking process, restart, or return to a recovery position using a parachute.

I know Training and Simulation System – Specific training for the Hero group of mobile weapons. With three layouts – in-class, portable and integrated into the task force – UVision provides a complete solution for Hero staff, enabling high-level learning flexibility. Classroom preparation provides a powerful solution compared to a heavy and portable generator for several students. The simulation of the simulators in the field provides the Hero staff continuously, on different teams, at the time of delivery, maintaining high working skills and preparation – anytime, anywhere.

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Lace Skull & Crossbones Pants » Petagadget

  • Show off your deadly hobo chic style while wearing Letarte Skull Lace pants.
  • Smooth waist with closed side tie.
  • Designs of Allover embroidery crochet.
  • Hemline broth.
  • 80% small nylon, 20% spandex.wash in cold hands, do not sting dry. It’s from outside. Dimensions: Waist Measure: 30 in Outseam: 41 12 in Inseam: 34 12 Front Start: 8 Back Rear: 14 in Legs Legs: 44 in Product Measurements taken using sm size. Please note that dimensions may vary in size.

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Warriors vs. Nets – Game Summary – November 16, 2021

EverythingSection 1stStep 2Step 3Step 4


All PlayersDraymond GreenAndrew WigginsKevon LooneyStephen CurryJordan PooleNemanja BjelicaJonathan KumingaAndre IguodalaOtto Porter Jr.Juan Toscano-AndersonDamion LeeMoses MoodyGary Payton II


All PlayersKevin DurantBlake GriffinBruce BrownPatty MillsJames HardenJames JohnsonLaMarcus AldridgeKessler EdwardsDay’Ron SharpeJevon CarterDeAndre BembryBut Thomas

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