Axie Infinity Releases Breeding Fee Adjustment, Announces Long-Term Insights

Author Shiela Bertillo

In a statement released today, December 9, Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese developer who made the Axie Infinity Play-to-Earn non fungible token (NFT) game, shared his findings on the game. In a separate announcement, the manufacturers released a billing version of the breed.

“At Sky Mavis, we are aware that there are a wide range of Axie Infinity members with different levels of finances, motivations, and goals. We are always looking for answers, and we strive to make decisions from the compassionate community of the community,” he said. software developers.

They acknowledged that many of the decisions and commercials their organization had made did not allow them to eliminate “temporary pain” such as just looking at their technical work on Battle v2 and Land, that they no longer had “bandwidth to use.” many changes to existing games. “

“At the same time, a team that focuses on the long-term sustainability, size, and success of the Axie Infinity universe,” Sky Mavis confirmed.

Also, the developers emphasized three points that community members should keep in mind. They pointed out that there would be significant instability in the market, the use of the game will change over time and that Sky Mavis “looks at long-term prices at short-term prices.”

“Staying at the end of the game with blockchain technology puts Axie Infinity at risk of instability, both internally and externally. We expect significant ups and downs in the coming years, whether from major growth or crypto bear markets. This is why we are asking only those. who want to stay longer to connect with us and the people of our community on this journey, we think it will be a good thing, “the organizers wrote, discussing the game’s instability. .

Sky Mavis stressed that he will launch Axie Infinity: Origin or War V2 soon; recognizing that “meta will change dramatically, and will continue to change over the course of the Season.”

“In many future games such as Land, each Axie will have some benefits and rewards. If we use Body Part to upgrade its weapons will change. “A way to bring out Axie in the future so that despite their changes they can be released to continue to benefit. Also, as the environment grows we expect every Axie to benefit more,” he said.

Commenting on the game’s signature to make it more valuable, Sky Mavis also said that he was sympathetic and understood that the prices of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity shards (AXS) are the most important part of the game for profit. (Read more: Ron Token Axie Infinity Guide | How to Grow and Find Ron with SLP, AXS, WETH, Stake, Add Liquidity Pool on Ronin)

“However, the cost of tokens in our environment will come from us and the community to create long-term benefits for each other. That ‘s what we are looking at. and fast, and instead we focus on building what is most important in the long run.Feal reform also requires serious consideration and we do not take it lightly, which is why it may take longer than we would expect to initiate economic change. , one idea is to have the Body Part power that the SLP would need to create, ”the manufacturers wrote.

On the other hand, in the case of SLP and AXS operations, the exchange rate varied by three times the value of SLP per type while the value of AXS per type was reduced by half to 0.5 AXS. The change could cause the SLP, which has been steadily declining for the past few weeks and dropped to 1.75php this week, to recover.

Below is a SLP breed price for each parent.

“We will not always be good, but we will listen, learn, and work with the community to achieve our goal as we always do. Making good games is hard, but making good games is hard; we want to make good games and that comes with time “Axie Infinity has grown so far because of the long-standing mentality among the community, and those ideas will continue to drive Axie Infinity into a real digital world,” Sky Mavis wrote at the end of the statement.

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