Axie Infinity Teases Land Gameplay for 2022

Author Shiela Bertillo

“Lunacia will soon be offering a unique experience for you and your Axies to get to know each other better.”

On New Year’s Eve, sports company Sky Mavis unveiled another comedy and latest version of upcoming Land Axie Infinity, a Play-to-Earn non-fungible token (NFT) game.

What is Axie Infinity Land?

Country or Lunacia, and the metaverse of Axie Infinity; is distributed in tokenized production areas, which allows players to create a base by collecting items and building construction and decoration. The latter will allow players to fight for control of the non-political sector and resources.

Earlier last month, Sky Mavis gave a glimpse of the upcoming game as the community watched for a week-long Project K (K short for empire) which gave the owners a chance to play with the first idea of ​​the game. .

“We shared with them to try out some of the game ideas with the community, get your feedback, test our servers, and convince the public that our environment is truly committed to the game. It was a small part of our vision for Project K, but it was good to see the right answers. received, “the organizers said.

Sky Mavis shared with them that they had made “significant improvements” to Project K in 2021. According to them, they have developed a number of game-starting features, including foundations that facilitate interaction between players, and the ability to create different, yet interactive games as special “seasonal events”. “which players can enjoy.

The developers also wrote “the very first example of an event that their programming team has been playing with.”

The picture provided depicts a test-playing game where Axies’ battlefields meet at major battlefields to direct Lunacia where they “want experiences like this to create a Project K game that excites players of all races, whether they love to build, fight, disrupt, or decorate. ”

In addition, he also revealed that he also welcomed a major developer who refined the existing designs of Project K, and also brought about significant changes in the game’s design.

The new technical director was also welcomed to the team to “make some strong decisions that allowed us to improve and clarify the game.” His drawings are shown below.

“We have been very busy growing Project K in every way we can in 2021. Today’s team has 15 members and is growing, every member is striving to play a game that we can’t wait to disclose,” the organizers said.

Furthermore, Sky Mavis has confirmed that the developers hope to “bring a fun, very loyal world to the Axies, with a number of similar sporting events.”

“Our main goal is that the best games create fun and entertainment with different people. This is the main goal of Project K,” he said.

As a result, Project K will release “multiplayer game features” after a while covering three episodes at a time.

Phase 1 will focus on comparing land management such as manufacturing, collection, construction, and marketing. Section 2 will cover other aspects of the game management process such as pricing, performance, and team / partnership activities. And Part 3 will focus more on public games.

“With the continuous transformation of Lunacia, things will be enhanced, and the Axies will have their own experiences. However, between each event and the release phase, major events affecting the entire Lunacia will take place, giving players a sense of progress around the world,” said Sky Mavis. .

Initially, according to the white paper Axie Infinity, the release of the national game was set to begin in December 2021. In this regard, Sky Mavis stated this and said that ‘the game feels like a compulsion, with an impossible limit within the 2D style we released last. year. ” As a result, the development slowed down, re-engineering the central engine in 3D.

He also said that the change is “a new challenge for us, but the results so far have made us very happy with the opportunity for professional decisions to be made.”

“Simply put, making something like this takes time and effort. That’s why we decided to delay releasing Project K’s alpha this year. We appreciate your patience, and we think you will find that it was worth the wait. To give you an idea of ​​the future, we wanted to make a video for you funny stories as our holiday gift to the community. We hope you enjoy it, “added Sky Mavis.

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