Can You Recession Proof Your Job?

Major events bring about significant changes in life – and 2020 was a turning point in the revival and a fresh start for many. For thousands of New Zealanders, last year meant job losses, fewer hours and more complete industries facing a bleak future.

Even if you keep your job, you can still be insecure. Lockdown made us think about what we put first, what we need and how we live financially.

If the 2020 turmoil left you uncertain about your career, you are not alone, says Heather Lowery-Kappes, a career counselor and President of the Career Development Association NZ. They have seen a steady increase in anxiety and insecurity, as Kiwis re-evaluates their lives and activities. But they believe you can improve your job security and career prospects in the future by managing your career and having the right attitude.

Lowery-Kappes states: “You cannot be sure that your work has failed because you do not know what will happen. “But if you are flexible, flexible and cohesive you can make this as proof of economic collapse as you can.”

Develop your professional skills and knowledge

Stay recent within your field – from internal systems to software solutions to major corporate events. Staying now makes you more important in your current job and getting a new job.

Start using online platforms with feel free to come up with new ways of working”He says Lowery-Kappes. “It is not enough to go there study once and that’s it. You have to be a lifelong student.

Hold on new opportunity

Say yes when you get the opportunity to learn new skills, work in a new team or in a factory setting. Instead of viewing these projects as an alternative, look for these develop your skills with connection – they are coming helping you keep your job or get another one in difficult times.

Extend your work life – it is very important because the job market can change quickly. We see a variety of activities that were unprecedented; be prepared to do so switch to these new roles easily.

Supervise your work

It’s amazing how many people agree with simple tasks or the next step on the ladder, he says Lowery-Kappes. Answer and move your work the way you want it to go:

Ask yourself the big questions about the life you want – because your job has a lot of impact. Then you can start making good decisions about reorganizing your work or taking it the other way. Don’t just retire, think about what you are doing!

The economic cycle creates economic declineit is a recurring theme of life. BY by managing your work, you can do what you can making your future professionals very safe.

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