Charming and different, crystallizing the potential and power of independent, low-budget cinema

There are the videos that start to confuse the viewer when you watch the original carefully. This is often the case when you watch the first movie rebuilt on the original script written by its director. A momentary silence from the start of Henry Butash’s first film Atlantic City Story
will attract the attention of any mature, keen observer and the viewer can be captivated until the film ends. This protester remembers watching the first film by British President Sir Ridley Scott. The Duellists who won the Cannes Best Debut Film Award in 1977, Scott alone. respect in Cannes to this day. Similar to The Duellists, Henry Butash’s video, too, has a way of opening up when the conversation is limited, and even the main character Jessica Hecht playing a middle-aged married woman named Jane (the man’s proper name) does not leave the table where she is sitting. and drinking her hot morning drink, while her husband immediately greets her and runs to work. Its appearance, lighting and camera almost mimic a steady shot that provides preliminary information on what to follow. A regular Hollywood movie won’t allow for a smaller opening like Butash Atlantic City Story. These are some of the things that movie lovers have always enjoyed singing loud songs and fast-paced events may have diminished. Maybe that’s why The Duellists it is rarely mentioned even today among Ridley Scott’s works even though Cannes saw the need to ignore his later films.

Breath of her treacherous husband:
Jane (Jessica Hecht) in Atlantic City at
on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

TThe pipeline that went to Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, in the last few decades can expect the cultural and historical context of gambling on the Atlantic coast especially in the winter months when the number of visitors is declining. The wooden road that runs along the coast is hollow in winter but is busy in summer. Butash video shows winter events as the stadiums go empty even though the casinos operate differently without pausing with enough customers to gamble day and night as they do in Las Vegas. The only difference: Atlantic City, it seems to be shrinking while Las Vegas seems to be unaffected by time.

However, the Butash film is not about the City because it tends to focus on the story of two lonely people, Jane and Arthur (Mike Faist), who accidentally meet in the city for a variety of reasons at the same time. Jane is a married woman who has enough money and wants to stay away from her husband, who is suspected of having sex with another woman. Arthur, also a bachelor, is the youngest of Jane, who stole money from his family and became involved in gambling. Atlantic City offers the anonymity and flight that Jane wants briefly, as well as Arthur’s false hopes of becoming rich and hopefully repaying the stolen money to his beloved family. Jane and Arthur, who do not know each other, meet in the Atlantic city that was much smaller than usual.

Arthur (Mike Faist) gambles with money
theft of his family

JAne is initially attracted to Arthur just by looking at his hands on the roulette table. Jane realizes that Arthur is losing money and is slowly becoming penniless. Jane follows him and finds him alone one night wet on the beach and suspects he has nowhere to go and out of compassion brings him to his room. A bond exists between the two as they live outside Atlantic City for the next few days. Director Butash has worked on three recent films by Terrence Malick (as a post-production assistant) Knight of Cups and Songs to Songs and as an additional editor Time Travel). So it is not surprising that some of Jane and Arthur’s outdoor activities in Atlantic City remind the viewer of Malick’s style of camera movement that catches two silent people (without Malick’s vivid words and religious philosophy) in brief conversation. Butash spends a lot of time watching on the computer looking at their body shape and this results in more benefits than videos that rely on long conversations. This is what makes Butash movie different from most other movies.

Butash and photographer Derry is making photographs
such as the works of Malick and filmmaker Lubezki

Ineif the viewer is familiar with the role of Russian playwright and short storyteller Anton Chekov, Atlantic City Story may recall parts of Chekov’s short story Lady with a Dog. That short story was about an unhappy married woman, on vacation (alone with a dog and without her husband) walking along the Black Sea coast when she met a lonely banker for the first time, passing by. each other. Chekov’s story was transformed into an amazing Russian Russian film 1960s directed by Iosif Khefits with the same title as the story and participated in the Cannes Film Festival that year. Cineastes who watched the Kheifits film will see the hardships that come with the Butash film. Atlantic City’s off-road parallel to the Atlantic coast is similar to the Kheifits movie trail off the Black Sea coast. The most famous of these films is a married couple who constantly argue before they leave for home. But the familiarity of the two films ends there.

Butash’s writings do not change Chekov’s story but only look at Jane and Arthur as a cure for their emotional wounds. The end of the Butash legend is very different from the Chekov myth. Jane as an elder for Arthur realizes that Arthur has a gambling problem and comes up with an answer to help him get on the right track and get back to his family. Jane is able to reflect on her life and her marriage and to deal with the situation happily.

Jane: Escape from a broken marriage,
or repair and temporary absence?

The fascination with Butash’s original writings is to distinguish the Atlantic city as a tourist destination with compulsive gamblers, as opposed to well-meaning tourists who may leave to help the gambler find a lucrative new life and even promote that. someone to consider joining Gamblers Anonymous. The script is also admirable because the director / script is focused on rescuing broken marriages and broken family relationships in an empty space and empty shopping mall that attracted Arthur’s parents in the past when he moved to Atlantic City decades ago which made Arthur very happy. remembering the high-end sandwiches from the heart. Butash’s film scenes are very different from City’s crowded tours during the tourist season of the year filmed in Louis Malle’s film. Atlantic City (1980).

Arthur’s life was changed
a well-meaning guest

Pivotal on Atlantic City Story and artist Jessica Hecht, who has very few lines to speak but controls the window based on the design that Butash created. Butash cleverly clicked on Ms Hecht to unleash the low but sophisticated keys needed for the man. Likewise, Justin Derry’s foreign film is magical at times and probably captures the work of filmmaker Emmanuel Lubezki in several future Terrence Malick films.

Henry Butash has produced a highly acclaimed film that offers self-contained entertainment as well as thoughtful and positive results and the difference that independent film can make in the USA. Someone is hoping that Mr Butash’s first film will plant seeds of the same size as Sir Ridley Scott’s first film for Sir Ridley.

PS Atlantic City Story
is making its first appearance at the 2020 Denver Film Festival, USA, and was nominated for Best American Award. The protagonist traveled to Atlantic City in November 1996 and encountered a shortage of crowd on the well-known trail during the year shown in the film. Ridley Scott’s first film The Duellists and Terrence Malick Knight of Cups the above is already covered by this blog. (Click on the names of the videos in the post-script for comments.) Atlantic City Story is one of the best 2020 author films.

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