Chinese Authorities Bust 7 Tons Of Fake Pokemon Cards

Chinese officials have seized 7 tons of counterfeit goods Pokemon cards to the Netherlands. The pull represents one of the largest IP fake buses in recent years and features about 20 boxes of fake cards.

What do we know about these lies? Pokemon cards?

The news comes to us through Yicai Global, a news agency affiliated with the Chinese government. Mu and tweet sent by a retailer earlier today, confirmed that 20 boxes were fake Pokemon cards had been confiscated at Pudong airport in Shanghai. In total, the cargo weighed 7.6 tons. The cards were apparently on their way to the Netherlands, where they were evidently going to be sold by unscrupulous merchants looking for quick cash.

There is good reason for hypocrites to want to participate Pokemon cards: it’s a very big business. In December last year, the missing Pikachu Illustrator card was selling several others missing cards, and the total transaction value expected to be irrigated with $ 900,000 eyes. Back in 2020, the first Charizard Pokemon TCG card for sale to a about $ 220,000. It is also important to remember that the walls at Serb, more than 10% of the total Pokemon card trading has been happening since March 2020, so it is safe to say that the card market is huge. It ‘s not even to put on a Netflix integrated show, which is supposed to show a lot Pokemon TCG. Catch them all right.

How to look fake Pokemon card?

Fakes are very common in Pokemon TCG country, for good reason. Therefore, if you are trading with these cards, it is a good idea to enter with the knowledge of how to view fraud. Some lies are good, but there are always signs that you can see if you look closely. Reading the scriptures and looking for symbols are very important; fall a Pokemon The card you know is real and look different like shading, typical errors (obvious, but sometimes fakers are audacious), and print flaws. That’s the difference of the cards which is a necessity and they are the liars; although there may be differences, the expertise states that missing colors will still have the print and visibility.

Virtual Types of Pokemon TCG may not be false, but the real game is.

Real Pokemon the cards use a real font, so you need to make sure it matches between the actual card and the one you just bought. False cards are sometimes hardened by the way they are made, and you can see the damage that would not be on the actual cards. Some people recommend using light tests to know the truth, but this is not entirely reliable; various manufacturers have made complete recommendations Pokemon cards that vary in size, so you may not always know the valid card and the amount of light it passes through. In the final test, the final one needs to be torn out of the card to see if it has any parts in the middle, which the fraudsters do not have. Obviously, this last attempt should not be your first call port.

What else is happening in Pokemon the world?

It’s a great time for Pokemon right now, in TCG and elsewhere. When new Pokemon The TCG Live app has been late until next year, the license is still in force on video games, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Bright Pearls has recently been released for strong reviews. Mobile AR Games Pokemon Go soon had a new Community Day and more events and extras for players, too.

Piplup meets Bidoof in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a modern version of the Gen 4 game available on the switch right now.

There is a lot to do if you are a Pokemon fan you right now, luckily. You can catch it Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Bright Pearls from Nintendo eShop, and you can download Pokemon Go on your mobile phone for free. There is also Pokemon Arceus Tales, An open world RPG heading into next year’s Early Revolution. Unfortunately, none of these games can contain lies Pokemon cards anytime soon (though this can make for a fun Team Rocket story).

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