Estepona Carnival 2020 Programme

The 2020 Estepona Carnival will take place on Saturday, February 22, from 12 noon to 6 pm, at El Calvario Park. When it rains, the work will move to the nearby Father Manuel Cultural Center.


12 noon to 3 pm – Children’s Party at El Calvario Park, with entertainment and music. At the party there will be a group of participants in the Ninfa Selection, Dios Momo and Best Fancy Dress (Children’s and Adult groups). Rewards: A total of € 600 (€ 100 per category) will be awarded.

Games: from 3pm to 5.30pm.

  • Comparsa from La Línea: “Battalion of the Sea”. Directed by, Daniel Morales Lebrón; words and music, Fco. Javier Morales Ortega.
  • Estepona Chirigota: “You can pay cash if you bring goods with a credit card and with an El Corte Inglés card.” Directed by Daniel Fernandez Antequera; songs, José Miguel Mata; music, José Alberto Ledesma.
  • Chirigota Line: “End of T’Atrinco”. The director, vocalist and songwriter by Pepe Torres.
  • Málaga Comparsa: “The City of Paradise”. Direction, Rubén Tejada; songs, Miguel Gutiérrez; music, Curro Ruiz.

5.30pm: ‘Sardine Funeral’. After the performances, the directors will move from Calvario Park to Calle Terraza, to Lake La Rada, to the post office, where “Pastora” Sardine will be burned. Cortege, which is encouraged to get into the spirit of ‘crying’, will be joined by “Los Primos De La Familia Pérez”.

Everyone is encouraged to dress, whether in public or in private, to give Carnival an atmosphere and a sense of humor.

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