FACEIT Merges With ESL Under Saudi-Backed Savvy Gaming Group

The Saudi-backed Savvy Gaming Group has acquired two major esports companies, ESL Gaming and FACEIT, for $ 1.5 billion. The two organizations will be merged to form the ESL FACEIT team, but will continue to work separately for now.

What do we know about Savvy purchases for ESL and FACEIT?

The story was confirmed by the former owner of ESL, Swedish conglomerate MTG. Mu releasing journalists, MTG confirms it is selling ESL to Savvy, a group backed by a Saudi prince (who also owns control section mu King of Fighters SNK producer, surprisingly enough). MTG also confirms that Savvy is buying FACEIT to integrate the two platforms under one new flag. According to the new ESL FACEIT website, the affected parties will continue to function as separate entities for now, including FACEIT’s ability to matchmaking with ESL’s ESEA alternative approach.

Both ESL and FACEIT are heavily involved CS: PITA competition.

One of the most important games in the ESL and FACEIT games is Counter-Strike: World Disappointments, it is also known as CS: PITA. The companies have detailed their plans for the Valve shooter post on their page. Recent goals include the sharing of technology to combat fraud, as well as the inclusion of competitive and rewarding tools for the most observant fans. CS: PITA esports news. Now you will also receive FACEIT points, which can be customized with sports items, to watch ESL events from February.

If you are registered with FACEIT or ESEA, these registrations will not be affected, even if companies claim to be looking for cheap delivery options for both items at the same time. Similarly, your FACEIT and ESEA accounts do not change, although there are plans in place to link these accounts to “help the community” to access various services. The ESEA and FACEIT tech companies are “looking at different angles”, while the first ones are focusing on “group competitions” and the latter is focusing on PUG (carrier) and third-party competitors.

What is Savvy Group?

Savvy Gaming Group official page describes it as a sportswear and esports brand that aims to drive “growth and long-term development” for sports and multi-sport companies. It is an institution established and owned entirely by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, founded by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Savvy is led by former Activision Blizzard global director Brian Ward, who also works with Microsoft and EA, among others.

Red Dead Redemption 2, a Take-Two Interactive game, which the Saudi Public Investment Fund purchased shares last year.
The Saudi Public Investment Fund has its fingers on many pies, including the owner of Rockstar Take-Two Interactive.

Saudi Arabia does not have a very good reputation with sports. Back in 2020, League of Legends Riot Games software installation and then immediate removal a partnership with the NEOM city project of Saudi Arabia following a bitter dispute between NEOM and Saudi Arabia as a country. You can also remember the name of the Public Investment Fund from its own to buy $ 3.3 billion in sections played last year, which included sections in Activision Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive, and EA.

We look forward to seeing what this new acquisition and integration brings to ESL and FACEIT. It is interesting to note that the two largest esports manufacturing facilities, FACEIT and ESEA, have the same umbrella, which may be of interest to experts. CS: PITA event. Naturally, we will bring you more on this as soon as we find it, but in the meantime, you can see new ESL FACEIT page for more information.

How do you feel about this merger of ESL and FACEIT? What do you want to see from this new company? Tell us in the comments below!

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