Gabriel Martinelli, Adam Hlozek, Tino Livramento among U21 stars poised for breakthrough 2022

In April, I watched the next generation of men’s soccer stars – high-profile, 21-year-old or younger, who have shown promise and the potential to become the next family name.

Although the 39 players on the list have already been formed in their respective clubs, there are a few names that have risen to prominence this year – suffice it to say they could become the top players in 2022.

Here is a list of those who, with proper development, opportunities and opportunities in their early stages, can make a real name for themselves in the New Year.

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Adam Hlozek | | 19 | Forward | Sparta Prague

The 19-year-old has been linked with a move away from the club and is being monitored by some of Europe’s top teams as he approaches his 200th game in Sparta. A fast-paced, sharp shooter who can be portrayed as a mid-range or deep shooter, a very helpful / mobile, Hlozek is a world champion. Czech Republic and reappeared three times at Euro 2020 last summer.

Despite being 6-foot-2 tall, Hlozek is happy when the ball is on the ground, and he likes to run in the back of defense. Time will tell if any of the top clubs – Liverpool, West Ham, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich was named as a competitor – ready to face Sparta’s $ 18 million bid in January.

After doing well after returning from Ituano in 2019, the progress of the Premier League in Brazil has been reversed due to repeated injuries. However, his recent actions have been strong, and his two goals are about to come Leeds United he was very high.

Whether playing on both sides or in the front row, Martinelli excels with good ball handling and boldness, often finding a place between the lines to start running with difficulty. He also has a very good touch on the ball and a great deal of work – and thanks to his ability to play fast players in the final three rounds, he fits well with Mikel Arteta’s attacking ideas.

The Ivory Coast international has been enjoying a meteoric rise since it was allowed to move Club Brugge and Hammarby after only six months in Sweden. Interestingly at the same time in Belgium, Kossounou spent two years at the club before receiving a 23m euro from Bayer Leverkusen, within the Premier League clubs, in the summer of 2021.

In addition to being fast, controlling the atmosphere, keeping an eye out and having boundaries to prevent difficulties as they climb between the ball and the ball, Kossounou knows how to defend one against the other. Even when out in the middle, he likes to get out with the ball first.

Having established himself as a regular Premier League this year, one wonders what new things the young man is looking forward to in 2022. Although he was named “Academy player of the season” at Chelsea and taking part in the first team at the end of 2020-2021, Livramento turned down a new contract with Chelsea – as they saw his way blocked. England countries Recece James – joining Southampton.

A right-back who can cross well, has good skills and is a very good ball carrier. Livramento has done flowers at St Mary’s to prove himself a real hope.

Tyler Morton | | 19 | Midfielders | Liverpool

The talented midfielder has made a name for himself in his professional career, with two outstanding performances in the Champions League against FC Porto and AC Milan, although he still struggles to get the form home. Without Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcantara, the Melwood academy product worked hard for the Reds, distributing and circulating the ball easily, where they looked.

After playing well at the academic level, Morton could also be seen as the “No. 8” or as an out-and-out midfielder. The smart player who prepares hard before receiving the ball, has been impressed by his calmness and passing with the first team.

A € 7m signing from Brondby this summer, Lindstrom is already regarded as one of the best in the German Bundesliga. A few months after settling in, a Denmark International has been a promoter in Frankfurt, scoring the last three games before the Christmas break.

Although she can play in many midfielders – she loves to move around a lot, no matter where she starts – Lindstrom has excelled in the offensive line, sitting behind just one shot in Frankfurt’s 3-4-2-1 system. . A very good ball carrier, he is in the middle of the game, often encounters opponents in the middle, and his enthusiasm makes him score from a distance with each foot. He’s a modern, talented midfielder.

Any suspicion that the summer signing of € 15m from FC Nordsjaelland was due to pay the Danish club has been promptly removed. The Ghana International, who sometimes appears to be playing at a speed of 1.5x, scored on his game Lens in August and has shown his incredible ability to play for the French team this season.

Sulemana’s best match was won 2-0 Paris Saint Germain (fortunately his only Rennes game this season) as he tortured one of the best defenders in the world, Achraf Hakimi, with its fast turns, acceleration and amazing speed. Still prone to ups and downs depending on the results, Sulemana’s potential is already among the highest in Ligue 1.

Jurrien Timber | | 20 | Middle-back / Right-back | Ajax

Undoubtedly, one of the fastest defenders in European football, Timber could look back on an amazing six months. As a key member of Ajax’s defense who has scored an impressive four goals in 17 league games, the 20-year-old has formed a good alliance with the Argentine. Lisandro martinez and has kept the number of the great ones Perr Schuurs sometimes from the starting group.

Quick thinking and good stability keep Timber on top of his 70% defensive tackle, as he is smooth on the ball and has the courage to keep him moving forward to the middle (he often finds many runners with a well-placed pass.)

Yuri Alberto | | 20 | Leader | Countries

At a time when young players love to be playful, quit jobs and play around, Alberto is a refresher. Despite his initial interest and making a solid career, the young Brazilian – who scored 12 goals for Internacional this season – is alive to face goal.

With an amazing change of pace, as well as strength and stability, it is difficult to drop a ball and tends to chase opponents when they want as space opens up in front of them. Made in Santos, the shooter has attracted the attention of several European clubs, including Barcelona, after a period of encouragement.

Gabriel Veron | | 19 | Forward | palm trees

Fascinated by many as the next Brazilian star, the young Palmeiras has a natural ability to go all the way. However, whether his technical skills and expertise will be aided by intelligent management and impressive ability for 90 minutes is still an open question.

Successful replacement when his club won the Copa Libertadores, Veron – who is not like the Argentine midfielder named after him, Juan Sebastian – is a deceptive, twisted right player who impresses fans with a quick beat of his body. method change. Perhaps the settlement of Palmeiras should always have been the forerunner of the invader before moving to Europe but, thanks to his encouraging attitude of Brazil‘s national youth team, he is already on the radar of many top clubs.

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