Genesis Global Limited Offers Even More Bonuses & Fun at FunBet

Genesis Global Limited is one of the fastest growing casinos in the world.

They have release several casinos since the beginning of 2020, with new gambling opportunities and bonuses. Most recently with FunBet and casino gamebook.

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In the spirit of Genesis casino, with FunBet you get simpler and easier to use and more fun opportunities. They look great for sports betting but give you the opportunity to win casino games with living rooms, as well.

And in the spirit of the other genres of Genesis, Fun Betting comes with its own unique and fun bonuses. Let’s take a quick look!

Sports Welcome Bonus

You can start your betting book with a bonus of up to 50%, if you save € / $ 10 or more, up to € / $ 50. Whether you get a bonus or not depends on you.

You probably know that Casino Genesis brands require you to enter a number to claim the bonus. The sportsbook reception bonus does the same.

Casino Welcome Bonus

FunBet gives you the opportunity to gamble at casinos, as described above. You can claim the 100% equivalent bonus if you save € / $ 10 or more, up to € / $ 200. They are accompanied by 50 and free spins at Starburst or other casino-selected games.

As with the sportsbook bonus, you can claim it if you enter the bonus number. All of these bonuses go hand in hand with their bonus points, as well as their bets. More about who you will be able to learn in our review.

Other Bonuses & Opportunities

Genesis Global Limited is known for many more promotions and bonuses it has its players across a variety of genres. FunBet, too, starts with two good ads.

The YourBet feature, affiliated with the FunBet casino, gives you the opportunity to bet for free betting on pre-betting games as well as football and basketball games before. The success of free betting can be deducted. Capture is a component available to mobile players only.

Combo Winnings Booster is available to both new and existing players at this new casino. It works on betting before the games you play in Football, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Ice Hockey, and Baseball. This increases your chances and you will receive even more rewards than your Combo Bet.

All words are pronounced clearly and are found in every exaltation. We encourage you to go through it to see if it is worth playing with the bonus on FunBet.

One thing is certain. Ideas of the company Genesis Global Limited it becomes power when it comes to the various and new types of casino. It can capture the interests of players, meet, and exceed expectations. With so many new bonuses and gambling opportunities, you will never tire out. Especially if you are a sports fan.

In the spirit of something for everyone, Genesis does not leave the casino players. You don’t even have to look hard to get the best Genesis bonuses!

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