Ghostrunner Project Hel DLC Release Date Delayed

The Ghostrunner Project Hel The release date of the DLC has been delayed by the previous month, reverting to its original launch of March 2022.

Ghostrunner he is the fastest shooter he ever started in September 2020. Since then, manufacturers have added new features through updates I’m working its first major DLC phase after launch, Project Hel.

The Ghostrunner Project Hel The DLC was originally designed as a small DLC, but has existed since then flexibility in a “complete explosion Ghostrunner knowledge. “You sit in Hel’s shoes, one of the first bosses from the first game. Hel has his own career, diving into the Dharma Tower as the game’s protagonist.

Project Hel promises to grow well, delivering six levels and a new way to develop a boss-cum-protagonist. Unfortunately, it seems the DLC is now over a month late.

When Ghostrunner Project Hel DLC release date?

The Ghostrunner Project Hel DLC release date is now March 3, 2022, according to and tweet from a valid game account (via Reddit). DLC is due to be launched on January 27, 2022.

“The release of Project_Hel DLC worldwide will be delayed until March 3,” read the tweet. “We appreciate your understanding and want all our fans to know that we are using the bonus at this time to do our best and ensure the health and safety of our team and our international friends.”

In the meantime, there is still plenty of fun to enjoy in the first game! You can to buy Ghostrunner for PC and consoles for $ 29.99 or equivalent in your area via its official page. You will be able to buy Project Hel for $ 14.99 starting March 3, 2022.

Are you upset that Ghostrunner Project Hel DLC release date delayed? Who do you like in the first game? Tell us in the comments below!

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