Greift Russland Deutschland an? Präsident Wladimir Putin schlägt um sich

In the present-day Crusade, Putins Drohungen with the Great Crime and Atomic jurisdiction of the following issues: The rapture of the fringes of the Crusaders of Ukraine were politically active, and international embargoes. The rhetoric with the militants of the Gewalt is also in the case of Bereichen Putins, which has been widely known as Waffe, the one who is still alive, who will be able to move to Drohungen from Moscow.

Drohung mit Angriff on Deutschland

But what is the difference between the situation and the other? In Deutschland Sorgte der TV-Moderator Wladimir Solowjow for the head office, as well as in the United States, is an Angriff to the federal government.

In der Talkshowin the Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz I also saw Adolf Hitler as a world power and a Millionaire Republic, with the Kreml-Propagandist Alexander Sosnowski in Wort, and in Deutschland live. “Jato Nato-Armee ihffnet ihre Lager undchickt alles an die Front, was sie hat”, “said Sosnowski. Moderator Solowjow fragmentation, or these Länder is “nickt ausgezogen” hätten. “Ja, on the Beispiel die Bundeswehr”, antagonist Sosnowski darauf.

Im Video sehen Sie den Dialog ab Minute 1:54:

“Then we will also be sinnels, in the world Front to be created and in the Deutschland einzuschlagen, always be unbewaffnet sind”, forowerte Solowjow. “Damit esine Illusionen bei den Nazis gibt.”

In the Russian propaganda miterweile bei solch abstrusen Drohungen angelangt ist, sagt viel über the Verzeiflung aus, the im im Kreml – angels of the militant militant Erfolge in der Ukraine – herrschen muss. Denn and I’m Angriff at Deutschland have won the real thing at the very moment, in the last few years: The Russian War is with the Crusades in Ukraine and the other Ausland Islands in the Caucasus, in Syria or in Berg Karabach an active operator Belastungsgrenze. Gegenüber der Nato wäre Russland in einem konventionellen Krieg hoffnungslos unterlegen. In Angriff on Deutschland there is also a ruckus in Sict at the very moment Sinn.

Tatsächlich verfolgt die Kreml-Propaganda mit den den Drohungen gegen Berlin and other Strategies: Putin ‘s and the Begging of the signals, which are the Ukrainian Ukraine in Conflict with Russia in the long run, we will all Nato-States have joined the Waffenarsenal in the World Cup. The Propagandakampagne gegen Nato-Länder in Deutschland soll the Menschen in Russia by the United States and the millennium millennium erfolgen der Kreml-Armee in der Ukraine ablenken.

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