January’s Ready or Not Update Adds Two New Maps, and More

Ready or Not was launched on Steam’s Early Access last month, and there are already a lot of promises inside. Without skipping a beat, VOID Interactive maker announced the latest Ready or Not update, which, together with adding new tools and maps, deletes some Ready or Not‘s controversial stories such as “offensive things.”

There are several major changes to this modification, which was announced today. Now there are two new maps for players to try Ready or Not; one is called Valley, while the other is called Fast Food. Updates on existing maps were also implemented, correcting some errors within them and adding new colors. For example, Hotel now has Active Shooter and Hostage Rescue mode, which will require players to achieve different goals from previous maps such as Bomb Threat and Barricaded Suspects.

There are also several new tools, each with its own stickers and styles. These weapons are VKS, G19G5, SCAR L, BCM MK1, and SLR 47. These are mentioned by their real friends, along with other guns in Ready or Not. And when players have new weapons, AI finds less nerve and how their shots work. In the past, there have been reports of surprisingly accurate enemies. Now, the first three shots from the enemy are not really accurate, which should reduce some of the difficulties that cause players to die faster.

It is important to note some of the major features involved. Vivox is now integrated into this Ready or Not update, which is online messaging for those who want to play in co-op. Players can also see themselves in the mirror now, which is a little interesting in detail.

January Ready or Not Change Eliminates Controversy

In response to Kotaku’s case against the allegations Ready or Not, manufacturers have promised to modify and remove a number of items that have been selected as storage space and more. In patch writing, the “dirty stuff that has been removed” is one of the newer versions. This should include things like the mention of “red pills” and the mention of “noggin joggers,” but there is no guarantee whether these were removed or not.

bing cold ready or not

Some removal lifts other eyebrows. This is due to the contents of the ActivityFail folder Ready or Not, which has been removed since it was modified. Following E: SteamLibrary steamapps common Ready Or Not ReadyOrNot Content VO ActivityFail brings two lines of text by artist “John Xina,” who is the online artist of John Cena. In the past, he has promoted a type of ice cream called Bing Chilling. Several Chinese players are frustrated by this and find it as frustrating as seen in other Steam reviews, but we have never seen any major explosions take place. Currently, these files are still in the original game files, which I can confirm as owners Ready or Not. This removal may have occurred automatically due to copyright. No matter, players can expect to see its immediate removal from all modifications.

Another note is the removal of “cringe VO.” There are AI scenarios that say “My mother has a Mexican maid,” which some might consider racist. This may have been part of the discussion that took place, but some were skeptical – not many – as well.

Continuing to dispel suspicions, VOID Interactive has also taken steps to trace their legal origins, as the game contained copyrighted material. This includes art and music that has copyrighted material, all of which have been removed according to this Ready or Not Change.

How to Play Ready or NotExtras?

January Ready or Not change available to download and play now, but only those who pay Edition Supporter in addition to the opening game. Although the starting game is $ 40, an additional $ 80 is required on Edition Supporter. This edition is available to everyone on Steam. If you want to play this soon, you have to buy it Edition Supporter. Otherwise, it should arrive by the end of this month for regular players. If you need more encouragement, Ready or Not: Support Edition it also comes with makeup, soundtrack, and original enhancement (which has not been released).

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