Le Cruise-O-Matic de Ford et la famille C de transmissions automatiques (Partie IV)

The first time on the historical coverage of the historic transmission of the historical automotive Cruise-O-Matic de Ford, we also passed the temples in Russia. The builder of automobile communications GAZ has developed the automotive function of Ford and has developed a retrospective control in the “proportive” transmission of the payroll of Ford for the construction license. The automotive boobs and deviations of GAZ visas do not rest utilisées dans les voitures particulières de l’entreprise jusque tard dans la Années 80What makes it so long for a single transmission of the fines of the 50 years.

Peu de temps après que GAZ ait fait ses copies, le reel les versions des FX / MX Cruise-O-Matic et Ford-O-Matic approchaient de la fin de leur durée de vie respective. The best things for nature are the premiere at the party.

At the 60th anniversary tournament, the competition will be held on a regular basis for automated events. The three visits are worth the flight of relief! The premier of the Big Three was abandoned by the two main members of the Chrysler, which was founded by Powerflite in 1961. The following year, the foundations were found in the Dodge and Plymouth models of the new world.

While Ford has embarked on the last days, General Motors has not been able to make any difference. Leur Powerglide last dated 1973 and was proposed in the Chevy New and Vega. For the fines, Powerglide has been widely distributed for patrolling the mariners as it has been selected by six cylinders in the Turbo-Thrift 250. Revenons in Ford.

The Ford-O-Matic simple to vote for the best of both worlds in the Ford and Mercury models only for the long haul of the model 1963. The three steps (the one that uses the premium vansse dans quelques situations en Drive) justify the cruise of the Cruise-O-Matic. Cette transmission has a virtual three-dimensional approach, the sort that the Ford-O-Matic is having a transmission with a few dimensions for aider through differing marketing marketing.

Ford has its own automotive and modern features, especially in the factory, plus component and power utilization in addition to the applications that are available for virtual purposes. On the other side of the road, the transmission of replacement is the same as the development and development of the C4.

L’ancienne Ford-O-Matic is one of the transmission trousers for the car itself in the font. Ford a utilisé un leggings matériau négerger lors de la conception du remplaçant du FO-M: al’alliage d’aluminium! The C4 has a concert de boîtier en trois pièces that composes the boîtier principal, d’un boîtier de cloche et d’un boîtier de queue attachés. In addition to materials and links, the utilization of a concert train plan Simpson plus simple. Rappelons with the Ford-O-Matic origin and other services use a professional Ravigneaux train.

According to the American engineer Howard Simpson (1892-1963), the British Simpson train utilized a number of strategic planes with a modern solitary commune. Avec sa conception, an English simplicity Simpson permits three quarters of the same, complete and one more test. The conception is a resort used in the 2000s, which is the most complete solution for the conceptions of transmission plus complexes with a large number of tests. The principal advantage of Simpson’s design is its simplicity, which signifies its own language. The reduction of the points is the major development of the C4 development.

La C4 utilizes a change in the Vessel Vessel of the Ford-O-Matic technology division, and is one of the most important automated automotive components. On the other hand, see the changement of the vicinity of Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive 2, Drive 1 and Low. Drive 2 and Drive 1 on the other side of D2 and D1 on the indicators of change in vitesse.

D1 signified that the transmission was delayed at a premium, but it could not be detected and determined by the state of gravity. The implementation of D2 signified that the transmission would be delayed and that it would cause the charge to be utilized in a circular motion. D2 and D1 are based on the modes of conduite familiers aux consommateurs, and Ford in parallel concoctions and shifts the division in P, R, N, D, 2, L beaucoup plus familier. Lorsque le voitures with the C4 on commercials, Ford has developed the “SelectShift” cartoonist for desktop modes Drive différents.

The C4 is used in the air-conditioning mode, generating a six-cylinder engine with a line or a V8 with 302 cubic cubes (5.0 liters) or more. Lorsqu’elle a fait ses débuts en 1964, la C4 a été immédiatement utilisée dans les Lincolns, où elle restera jusqu’en 1981. Parmi les autres premières utilisations, citons la Mustang, la Ranchero, la Mercury Comet et les fourgonnettes Econoline de Ford .

In addition to the dessert and the 70-year-old, the other is located on Mercury Montego and Capri, the other Ford Torino, Thunderbird, Maverick and Bronco. In addition to the implementation continued in Lincoln, the 70-year-old founders in C4 operated from Ford Fairmont, Granada, LTD and Mercury Bobcat, Monarch and Zephyr.

The C4 is the only use of the 351 Cleveland V8, in the M-code version. Use utilization has been achieved by the boiler of a large plus large and uninterrupted supply from 1970 to 1971 in the voidures such as Ford Torino and Mustang, and Mercury Cougar.

The C4 produced regular groups and excavations of the 1964 to 1969 and exemplified products between 1970 and 1981. These exemplars were used for a wide range of 24 cannelures, which were also used in the 1970s to 26 cannelures. The spirit of enlightenment and the age of the masses lasted until the 1970s and now it proposes 26 cannelures. The 26th anniversary of the cancellation of the three-pronged courtesy: the one who received the revival; rescheduled for 24 cannelures.

The first three steps in the Ford Focus as well as have a simple and flexible automation boiler, which has a chance to make sure you see the diffusion of the test booths in the Ford family. Independent, the C4 has the same number of positive points as suffixes for aux acheteurs du gros Moteurs V8 proposals for Ford all over the age of 60. In addition, the FX version plus the Cruise-O-Matic version has been revised by a new one for 1966: the C6, or SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic in the marketing terminology.

Tout comme C4, le C6 s’est concentré sur la simplicité, les coûts de construction réduits et le poids réduit. In addition, the MX engine has a built-in component for the speed of the motor engine, in the lower case of the gas parasite. The plus size V8 engine of the 60-year-old production unit of the upper and lower chassis of the carburant, and the C6 is the next size for the plus size of the couple that the MX.

To make the most of the base names that are on the C4, the C6 will use the configuration menu with a Simpson train plan. The difference between the C4 and the fact that it is the premium automation solution for the fonctionner has a flexible band of flexible Borg-Warner. The bands are reminiscent of the ambient elements and the naturalization of the permissiveness of the vibe plus long and rendering the transmission plus durable. The ambiguity of the ambient states encrypt the utilization of the information and resources of the C6. The plaques and the soups of the transmission of the fait of the composite composite composites, which signified that the exceptions were made by the supporter justifying the 475 lb-pi couple.

Contrairement au C4, which is not used for the different components (normals et 351M), the C6 has the same specifications. There is a concussion for the adapter aux différentes grandis familles de moteurs V8 de Ford, ainis about 300 six cylindres en ligne. Six six blocks from Windsor V8 and from 351 Cleveland V8 are used in the boilers in the window of Windsor. The code M 351 Cleveland plus printers, the 400 V8 and the 385 (Lima) family with the specifications of 370, 429, 460 and 514 cubic units used for the 460 clover.

It was added to a FE car unit, for the V8 Ford-Edsel game in production between 1958 and 1976. The engine capacity of the FE vehicles was limited to 332 to 428 cubic cubes and the maximum efficiency of the motor vehicles differs. One of the most popular models of real estate in the field: a car for diesel and a special model Lincoln used exclusively from 1966 to 1969.

The Lincoln’s boite is a testament to the V8 MEL (Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln) version. The MEL is a constructive engine in Lima, Ohio, which has been revised by the family of 385 motorists. The crew of the crew was the one who used the Lincolns pendant three other models to reach 460 or 462 cubic cubes. The management of the cluster and the specific spacecraft form of the pass for the place of the place for the corporate cluster utility by Lincoln.

The utilization of the C6 utility has been used extensively by the Mercury Meteor, Cougar and Comet, as well as the Lincolns in the engine plus gros, as mentioned in the case. Ford has implemented immaturity in LTD, Thunderbird, Fairlane and Galaxie. The C6 is the only alternative to the C4 model, which has made progress in the 70s in Bronco, LTD II and the Mustang Cobra II. The C6 has a relatively small effect of durée de vie, but also a beaucoup plus long queues for the C4. It was used until 1991 in Bronco et jusqu’en 1996 in the micros standard of the Serie F. Les camions lourds F-250 and F-350 l’ont utilisé jusqu’en 1997.

In our procurement, our terminals are 60 years old and a special price on the original Cruise-O-Matic. C’tatait un Franke de Frankenstein conçu for combiner les meilleures caractéristiques de la conception automatique originale de Borg-Warner.

[Images: Ford]

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