Le dollar trébuche alors que la trajectoire des taux alimente les inquiétudes liées à la récession Par Reuters

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By Kevin Buckland

TOKYO (Reuters) – The American dollar is a glimpse of the world face of the princesses, on the other side of the fairly high-profile high-level investment that the investors continue to undertake the political process of the Federal Reserve and beyond. hausses de taux agressives déclencheraient une récession.

The devolution refugee era has lasted a long time ago in the resolution of the maritime sentiment, which has led to martial arts regimes and auspices of the devourement and risquées as the Australian and non-Zélandais dollars.

She, who made the billet vert face at six rivaux, had a 0.2% rate at 104,19 in Asia. It has increased the 0.19% value of the city, which is the mainstay due to the size of the euro app that the European countries have relocated to the reserve territory of the European Central Bank.

“The discussions on the reunion on the boulevers have been undertaken by DXY, but we have not been able to do so since the last days of the 102th year,” in the Westpac stratified by a note client, a positive feedback on the award. du dollar.

“Les Fed Funds devalues ​​to spend 3% of the total fines, which is the sum of the downtown entities in the USD devrait finalement continually in the renforcer,” he added. “Pendant ce temps, la BCE a du mal à contenir les spreadspéripériques et la zone euro est confrontée à des difficultés de stagflation plus importantes, ce qui n’est guère attrayant.

The deterioration of the dollar and the current momentum, the current maritime crisis on a political action plus the part of the Fed has a new level of service of 75 points base in juillet. The dollar value of $ 0.42% in the period.

The Federal Reserve, Michelle Bowman, is the first junior to earn 50 percent of the base for the “procurement” rounds of juices. Pendant ce temps, the president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, in the last days of the congressional elections in Congrès, a souligné of the “inconditionnel” of the banking center in the event of an inflation, in the middle of the millennium.

Recommendations for refunds have been added to the Retail Day rentals on the day, supplied with a few clicks for the dollar, a 10-year bill in a handful of creations. [US/]

Contents the yen, extensible sensible aux variations desendements américains, the dollar is at a rate of 0.2% at 134,66. For the week, it will be at a rate of 0.25% and it will have a sample rate of 6.19% in the third week.

Euro augmented by 0.22% to $ 1,05435, if the value of the 0.44% of the day will be higher than the price of the PMI in German and other fairies.

The German government has already announced the “phase of the crisis” of the emergency plan for the gas and the repercussions of the lower levels of approvals.

“The market has been determined by the monarchy to raise the prices of the proceeds of the era of BCE,” said Ken Crompton, a member of the National Australian Bank Bank (OTC :), a series of podcasts. .

“In the case of qualques facteurs in the bases, it will not be able to justify it, which will be determined to justify it in BCE for the sake of the people in the future. »

For the last week, the euro rested at a price of 0.52% face or dollar.

The living interest rate of 0.14% at $ 1,22785 $, the minimum wage for the average price of 0.48% which is the maximum value for a third of the per cent.

The Australian dollar has increased 0.28% to $ 0,6914, and is currently working at a rate of 0.32%, in a three-year executive consortium. The neo-zell dollar has gained 0.4% in the $ 0.6302, earning a weekly price of 0.19%.

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