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Sunborn London Yacht Hotel


It is located 7 minutes from London City Airport and 6 minutes drive from the iconic Canary Wharf, Sunborn London and a luxury yacht hotel located on the Royal Victoria Dock.

The 108-meter floating hotel has 136 large guest rooms, all with advanced rooms. The hotels offer free WIFI, lounge, beautiful dining area, 24-hour front desk, sun pool and luxury Spa. Some rooms benefit from the look that overlooks The Royal Docks.

Designed to provide light and spacious living space, Sunborn London apartments offer guests a comfortable lounge with bedrooms, comfortable toilets and an open living space leading to a private courtyard or balcony.

The proximity of the hotel to the world-famous ExCel Exhibition Center, which hosts hundreds of international events and conferences each year, makes it an ideal destination for London’s Docklands. High quality railways, rivers and cables also make it easy to travel through central London to buy the best deals, exhibitions, music and food in the world.

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