Masked on Buttons: Pinoy NFT in Cardano

Author Shiela Bertillo

As the demand for NFT (non fungible token) continues to grow, more and more Filipinos are starting to rise.

Masked on Buttons (MOB) is another Filipino pride that makes waves on this movement; The services are based on the Cardano blockchain, an open-source decentralized public blockchain platform.

The MOB project, which features hand-painted eye-catching creatures, has achieved the following social network, and they are waiting for their drops.

The appeal of the project stems from their unique approach to NFT recording where their dots create stories. It has been created in a fantasy world of science where people are forced to wear masks and close their eyes with buttons to avoid dramatic changes.

In addition, according to its map, the MOB team is planning to release theaters to various locations in MOB City where venues and events will feature live, audio and music.

People behind the MOB recognize that the community “plays an important role in building the MOB state”, and they try to “participate actively.”

“Having a community that trusts us and what we can do is essential for the project to grow.” the MOB team said in its statement.

Currently, MOB has about 6,000 members in its Discord server that enjoys community events that include quiz parties, fan contests, and rewards for members who are closely associated with other users.

In addition, the team returned online. Masked on Buttons, with the help of their online team, has donated a revenue stream from the Halloween Treat to FundLife International’s COVID-19 Emergency Response.

Before the MOB many Filipinos re-entered the NFT wave.

Only this month he participated in the TV shows Nadine Luster, Life Evangelista and Also Wurtzbach joined the NFT state when they dropped out or took part in the operation.

When, Miss Universe Philippines, and National Book Development Board (NBDB), as well as the Filipino nation Team Manila is one of the organizations that tested the NFTs.

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