Moneysupermarket.Com suspends financial guidance for 2020

© Drawing by Matthew Beedle

Moneysupermarket Group has suspended its financial guide for 2020.

In a commercial message released today Moneysupermarket.Com Group (MONY) said it is still too early to find out how things are going due to the flu epidemic and the uncertainty associated with invisibility. However, the group has reiterated its plans to deliver its final share of 2019 on a share of 8.61%.

“We are suspending all financial planning by 2020.”

The group said the price rose 2% to 107.3m in the three months to March 31, led by an 8% jump in insurance sales to 51.9m.

Other income-generating strategies recorded a decline in income, however, income and household expenses fell 3% and 1% respectively. TravelSupermarket also saw declining sales “in the same way” since mid-February due to Covid-19.

Mark Lewis, CEO of Moneysupermarket Group, says: “We have moved entirely to remote operations to support the health and safety of the team. We will be as committed as ever to assist our clients in these challenges.”

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