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Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) re-launched its seventh E-Talk Tales series last December 9, with UnionBank President and CEO Edwin Bautista briefly outlining the Bank’s performance over the past year and its performance. Filipinos to survive the epidemic to create better digital for everyone.

UnionBank made headlines in May this year after being named the ‘second largest Asia-Pacific bank’ in the BankQuality Consumer Survey at Retail Banks in April.

This support was reflected in UnionBank’s commitment to ensuring that its key banks remain accessible and reliable 24/7 during a closed period, when uncertainty was widespread and customer needs could change at any time.

The bank assisted the government by providing financial assistance to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to 700,000 beneficiaries.
total P4.9 billion. It also assisted Local Government Units (LGUs) in distributing funds or loans to residents.

UnionBank has also assisted small, medium and micro enterprises (MSMEs) with digital video capture during the epidemic through its MSME GlobalLinker platform, as well as through the MSME-Lening Sentro, SeekCap, and bux platforms, provided by fintech spinoff UBX. To date, more than 27,000 online shops have already been created using Sentro, SeekCap now has over 16,000 MSME subscribers, and bux has over 92,000 users. GlobalLinker users are also over 38,000.

Another group of people that UnionBank was able to help especially in the face of the epidemic were educators, with the support of their CitySavings Bank. To date, CitySavings has added P26.1 billion for teacher loans, P3.2 billion for motorcycle loans, and 2.9 billion MSME loans for beneficiaries.

And now, with the worst pandemic of COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, UnionBank has embarked on the next big step in its journey of digital transformation, making great strides in demonstrating its resilience in the face of unprecedented global warming, innovation and innovation.

UnionBank has been at the forefront of the use of fast-track technologies, which enable the Bank to respond more quickly to emergencies and to implement new products more quickly. But the Bank knew it had to be very fast. As a result, in order to do this, the company began to move to a much faster system: DevSecOps.

Summarizing on “development, security, and performance,” DevSecOps is a concept that aims to integrate security into every aspect of development management. With this new approach, the Bank has been able, among other things, to test innovations that are more efficient and to implement the proposals in real time. Going forward, DevSecOps will play a key role in creating new jobs for the Bank.

Apart from DevSecOps, another important factor in the digital restoration of the Bank is data science and AI. This will take place at various levels of the Bank, from mobile banking to credit, from algorithms to improving performance, among others.

“This is the time when, together, we can re-launch the banking and technological reforms. It is an area where the Philippines can not be the fastest growing, but it can be the most recognizable of banks,” Bautista said.

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