New Features on Netflix: How to Make the Most Out of Your Subscription

There is no denying that 2020 has been a well-known year for Netflix. With Covid-19 keeping most people in the world at home, people had nowhere to turn except their TVs.

Instead, coronavirus has become a very lucrative business for Netflix their load is down while Pfizer announced that the vaccine was showing good results, indicating that post-epidemic screening would be lower compared to their previous year statistics.

However, Netflix has continued to release a number of new features this year in an attempt to make users more efficient than ever. So, if you have a subscription and haven’t seen it for yourself, maybe it’s time to give it a try!

Adjust playing speed

Netflix now allows mobile and tablet users to adjust the speed of the program they watch with their new gaming consoles. Users of mobile devices can now change their view by selecting the following speed: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x, or 1.5x

This is a good add-on that has been around for a while on other promotional sites like YouTube and has finally reached Netflix. This is ideal for people who want to reduce the amount of time they spend watching TV, because you reduce the viewing time by up to 25% if you watch the content at the highest speed.

With that being said, this new phase did not come without its controversy. Hollywood directors Judd Apatow and Brad Bird publicly approved the move, declaring that “distributors do not change the content.”

Remove the titles in your “Continue Viewing” line.

We are all guilty of watching a video or two that we love that our precious half did not know. Whether you’ve been secretly watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or the entire “Glee” team, you can hide what you’ve been watching by removing it from your “Keep Watching” line.

All you have to do is come to this page, where you can choose a hidden path to your viewing history. Now you can look at all your pleasures until your heart is satisfied.

Customize your look with the “Shuffle” section.

If you are the type of person who spends more time choosing what you want to watch than you do, this is for you!

Netflix recently released the “Play Play” option which was designed to help kill what most people suffer when they are greeted by the homepage. Other than that, there are a lot of great things on Netflix, so how do you choose what to watch?

However, the shuffle format does not happen randomly, as it is designed to play a theme that you believe you can enjoy, such as shows or movies similar to the ones you have already seen, themes of the colors you watch most often. , or the responsibilities you have saved in your list. However, it is a good way to save time and try new things that you probably would not otherwise have had. Who knows the hidden stone that you may cut down?

Remove your Netflix leeches

Are you one of those friends who pays for Netflix while everyone else has a password? Or, do you log into your account to access movies and TV shows that you have never seen before? If so, you probably have several “Netflix leeches” set up in your account to try free subscriptions on your behalf.

While some people enjoy it and do not care for a few downloads, others can be very frustrated, especially as the Netflix algorithm begins to produce amazing shows that you “would like” based on things you haven’t seen.

Well, now there is a solution to this problem. All you have to do is log in to your Netflix account and go to “My Account> Log Out All Tools” to get rid of all the pig shooters at once.

Bonus Tip: Watch US Netflix from another country

If you did not know, Netflix has a separate list of names for each of the operating countries. This means that you will not be able to find your favorite apps while traveling or on vacation; you should try this trick.

If you are a US citizen and want to watch US Netflix from another country, all you have to do is find it The VPN that works best is Netflix and select a server located in the United States. Once connected, the next time you log in to your account, it will be as if you were watching from your home.

It also has a good deception when your Netflix has been too small for watching too much, or you feel like you have nothing to watch. To refresh your library just select another country on your VPN and see what they have to offer what your current Netflix does not.

At the time of writing, a The USA and Canada have major elected officials (5879). However, it also has a very low IMDb rating of 6.95. Where Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia are all above 7.13, even with very few choices.

So the next time you look for a new series, why not try a recent Portuguese drama or a Russian comedy? Who knows, it could be your new favorite app!

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