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We’ll let you know about something that has just been released. This project seeks to make you easier and less time consuming.

What’s new:

To get started, simply search for a topic that interests you.

Clear the way can be used to sort results and facebook actions or date created.

  • Make a Date Date –

Using Sanjani With Made Date, one can sort the results based on the production time. Recent notes will be updated on a timely basis.

  • Chat with Facebook Friends:

Social Media Engagements is an expression of the popularity of any article, blog or article. Facebook Engagements has been added to all results with feedback, sharing, and comments.

By using Sanjani and Facebook Engagements, one can customize results based on facebook events. Posts with high profile facebook events should first appear and then be followed by everything else based on what they are doing on Facebook.



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