New World Bots Are Wrecking the Economy

Update (November 30, 2021, 6:12 PM Eastern Time) – Amazon has commented via email about upcoming events New World bots, I realize it blocked 7,700 yesterday.

We know player reports about the number of bot incidents in the New World. Boats bring challenges to MMOs, and our team has deployed dedicated tools and equipment to detect and deal with them. We are committed to continuing to improve in our fight against bots, and just yesterday, we banned more than 7,700 accounts using bots. Our goal is to ensure that the New World is fun and fair for all players. We will send updates for the New World circles and Twitter as we have.

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Several players have said this New World bots have been a big problem – and few have found a clever way to get back.

New World and MMORPG as well as the first successful games from Amazon Game Studios. That is the good news for the future of the company, but it is to say that it has not had many problems; golide Then second gold were discovered earlier this month, which sparked Amazon banning more than 1,000 accounts. And the problems didn’t end there, either – the use of some new gold was found last week.

As any new economics student will tell you, the flood of money and money is the worst thing that can happen to a game market. The worst case scenario is to flood the market with goods, and this is happening again, due to the ongoing epidemic. New World bots build camp a number of support centers.

The problem is New World Boats

Some of the most recent are New World bots were displayed by PC games kale today; several players were heard with their frustration. Some players, it seems, have given up trying to cultivate artefacts.

“In the last week I have also seen the number of bots on my server,” read send to Reddit from / u / JustDaveInTheLBC. “But they’re all very high now, 20 & 30’s. They’re out harvesting and mining enough.”

New bot accounts are not the only problem, either; some players claim to see the same bot accounts every day even though accounts are mentioned several times.

“At Mag Mell, it’s impossible for seafood at Restless because in fact every hotspot has a bot that has been camping for weeks, and I’ve been saying it every day,” he read. comments from the ralist on official playgrounds. “What I can’t know is why AGS lied to players that bots are banned from the game, when players see the same bots running the same circles, and they are told several times a day. Do they think the players are like that? Stupid as they believe the bots are [dealt] and, when the players feel they are not? “

While some players are frustrated with the failure of Amazon Game Studios, others are finding a clever solution through MMO’s “training aggro” strategy – getting an NPC enemy to follow you with the intent to attack another player. . Mu one case, the player drags the fox to the fishing bot. In another example, the player used Black Boar give bot.

Bottles have been a problem with MMOs and it looks like it is New World bots are no different; hopefully, Amazon Game Studios will find a solution to this problem. If you haven’t jumped in this game yet, you can to buy New World for PC via its official page starting at $ 29.99 or equivalent in your area – a 25% discount that probably won’t last long.

Did you have any problems New World bots? What do you think Amazon Game Studios should do to address this issue? Tell us in the comments below!

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