Non-Profit Association Saves $4,000 Switching to SportsEngine

The Hoover Athletic Association in central Alabama has a 50+ year history of serving the community and focusing on providing life-saving training for every athlete. The nonprofit organization includes more than 1,000 athletes participating in baseball, soccer, and cheerleading.

Mike Plaia, President of the Hoover Athletic Association, is well aware of his role. He oversees the growth of the team and ensures that every volunteer and coach knows the organization’s work and does it regularly, sports, and events.

Name: Mike Plaia
Organization: Hoover Athletic Association
Role: President
SportsEngine Tools Used: Registration, Sitebuilder, Billing, Tourney, League

What he was against

As a non-profit organization with volunteer staff, the interest rate on all roles is high – Plaia knew that because of this, they needed to create a single source of truth in order to sustain the organization and future corporate leaders.

Plaia also knew that the development would be difficult to achieve with an organization that employs several companies to register (SI Play and TeamWall Communications), repair (Quickscores), and their home page.

What SportsEngine did to help

SportsEngine provided all the tools the Hoover Athletic Association needed to work well, all on the same platform – making the resume Plaia knew they needed. SportsEngine provided a website, online registration, team and league management tools, and paid services.


“When I became president of the organization a few years ago, we did not have a good online presence or a written record with the aim of making everyone understand the organization,” says Plaia. “My first business was to fix this and find a professional partner who can help us grow and put all our knowledge into action.”

Plaia found a partner in SportsEngine.

“The new website from SportsEngine has been great for us,” says Plaia. “We have separate pages for all of our teams, a central location for coaches and parents to get a schedule, a place to share instant messages, and the ability to sign up online.”

“In addition, and perhaps more important to me, we have a service building and a history of our organization,” says Plaia. “Being unprofitable, everyone is self-sacrificing, and high interest rates are very high. Our challenge is to strengthen the culture we have created in the future. “

“Now, when a person is new or family members search for us, they can go to our Web site and find out everything they need to understand our values ​​and actions,” says Plaia. “We are building our reputation through SportsEngine, and now we have a template for future leaders to follow.”

Of course, this website is more than just one source of organizational truth, and it is also a powerful marketing tool.

“In the eyes of SportsEngine, our site was important and it didn’t look good,” says Plaia. We did not even encourage people to visit.

“Now, with SportsEngine, the website looks great, and families are looking more often to find out more, stops, plans, photos, videos, and more,” says Plaia. “It has completely changed the game and has become a great tool for attracting new families.”

“I saved three to four thousand dollars and switched to SportsEngine, gaining more power than I ever had before,” says Plaia. “Our goal is to reduce the cost of the game and increase the number of runners – with reasonable prices and the availability of internet that encourages people to join us, SportsEngine has allowed us to do both.”

“I’m excited about our future with SportsEngine and I’m just waiting to see what happens,” says Plaia. “If you go with someone who has done as well as SportsEngine – with their reliability and financial support – then you know there is more to come.”

“With all the new tools coming out and adding, SportsEngine continues to make life easier for me and our volunteers.”

“I saved three or four thousand dollars and switched to SportsEngine, and I have more powerful weapons than I had before.”

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