PlayStation Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by Former Employee

A PlayStation anti-gender lawsuit has been filed in California by former IT security expert Emma Majo, alleging that Sony selects female employees “for pay and promotion”.

Recent weeks have been filled with reports of ongoing lawsuits against Activision Blizzard; the staff has made the round trip and a small group of owners demanded that CEO Bobby Kotick step down. The company too was criticized by leaders of the Xbox and PlayStation; now, the latter company has been charged with felony criminal mischief for PlayStation.

PlayStation Gender Discrimination Case, Explained

The PlayStation gender discrimination case was filed by IT security expert Emma Majo. Majo has spent six years at Sony, serving as IT Security Risk Analyst for the PlayStation Network since December 2015. However, his work ended earlier this year after the closure of the internal department.

The case (via Axios) states that differentiated treatment of male and female employees “occurs as a matter of practice and practice in Sony.” It also states that women earn less and are often paid for promotion and that Sony “has failed to respond adequately or effectively to evidence and complaints of discrimination.”

Majo also said it was difficult for him to be promoted or to discuss possible options for promotion; on the other hand, it is said that male employees did not face such challenges. See this section:

70. The defendant spoke to three different managers about what they could do to get a promotion. Not only did the Defendant not be promoted or get an answer for how he was promoted, but in reality the Defendant was well promoted. The plaintiff favored the VP’s explanation; after inquiring about how he could be promoted, he was told to report to the manager under VP. The VP said he did not have time to take care of his subordinates. The complainant noted that some of the co-workers continued to report to the VP.

This is not just one person against the whole company, mindset – this is a group case and it could see other women come forward if the court approves the establishment of the class.

The main objectives of the case are to pay for unspecified damages, attorney’s fees, and to establish corporate programs to address alleged discrimination in the company.

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