President Donald Trump US Coronavirus

Sean Conley’s message on Saturday focused on the health of President Donald Trump.

According to his message, the results of Trump’s recent test show that the number of viruses in him is not increasing. “The number of viruses is declining,” the message said.

However, doctors did not say whether Trump’s Corona virus test was wrong.

Earlier, President Donald Trump spoke to White House officials outside for the first time since he contracted coronary heart disease and received medical treatment.

The incident was a peaceful protest, but critics say it was President Trump’s campaign rally.

The US president, who no longer takes coronavirus drugs, told people he was “feeling very good”.

His enemy is Biden, who is in Pennsylvania to run for president.

According to an ABC News poll, 35% of people support President Trump’s crackdown on Corona.

To date, 210,000 Americans have died of Corona.

What did President Donald Trump say at the White House ceremony?

The Blizzard Foundation also participated in organizing the event at the White House. His aim was apparently to get black and Latin people to support the Republican Party.

President Donald Trump unveiled his mask before addressing the gathering. Speaking against his opponent Joe Biden, he said, “The Democrats go beyond socialism-communism.”

He said Biden was seen as a staunch Democrat.

President Trump also said he did more for black people than any other president since Abraham Lincoln.

He talked about wealth, the boundary wall and the postal vote. He said Corona was “disappearing.” 58,302 people in the United States were found with Code 19 yesterday.

Opposition to the event

An epidemic expert in the United States says Trump’s ability to spread the virus on a large scale.

Adam Schiff, a Democrat in Congress, has called the president “immoral” because he did “another” incident at the White House.

The White House said participants in the event should check their temperature and wear masks. Remote orders were also issued. Many people seem to be standing together in pictures.

President Donald Trump’s campaign group is preparing for a major conference in Florida. The event will be important because there will be fierce competition between the two candidates for the presidency.

On the other hand, Biden criticized President Trump’s meeting and said the way Trump’s administration wears masks is soft.

Biden said in a statement on Friday: “I will not attend the meeting if you do not wear a mask and stay away.”

Some analysts believe that political activities in the White House are contrary to American tradition and could violate federal law.

The Hatch Act of 1939 prohibits public servants from participating in political activities. In the White House, the president is second only to the president who is not allowed, while others are not.


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