Rock Band Developer Harmonix Acquired by Epic Games, Will Make Fortnite Content

Rock Band developer Harmonix has announced that it has been acquired by Epic Games, setting it up for further development Rock Band content – and some fun of Fortnite, too.

Harmonix did not release the foundations Rock Band game from Rock Group 4 came out all the way back in 2015. Even so it has released new versions of the game and living with the new seasons of Rock Band Critics and DLC music, there haven’t been many issues coming up. Now we know: Harmonix has found Rock Band.

New Songs Fortnite What to Do With Rock Band Manufacturer of Harmonix

Now Epic Games has brought it Rock Band producer Harmonix under his umbrella, we can expect the exciting music to come Fortnite. The contents of the contents, however, are a bit confidential.

Content of the song Fortnite nothing new; Battle Royale games have featured game events such as Travis Scott concert. Heck, even though the music industry is on the rise – Land of Tanks, throughout the play, had a concert with The Offspring back to 2019. Harmonix, however, may be doing something a little different when it falls under the umbrella of Epic Games.

Our team will work with Epic to create Fortnite music tours and games, “read today to announce from Harmonix. “Although we’re not ready to share, the whole team is excited to get started. Stay tuned!”

But why Rock Band? Long-term fans of the license should not worry – Harmonix will continue to make season Rivals and release DLC. It has no intention of shutting down any servers in its ongoing game. Unfortunately, it did not announce any plans to launch new or larger weapons Rock Band head.

At the moment, this seems to be a very successful strategy – Epic Games finds exciting new developments Fortnite and Harmonix earns the money needed to keep its doors open. Hopefully, some of this new money will go to something new Rock Band.

What do you think of the Epic Games find Rock Band manufacturer of Harmonix? Do you think we will see something new Rock Band games soon? Tell us in the comments below!

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