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Russia expects a Western security response next week

After Russia held talks this week with the US and NATO, Western nations have promised to send a written response to the Kremlin’s defense plans in December, Moscow’s prime minister has announced.

Appearing on Russian Channel One on Thursday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shared that NATO and Washington representatives had told him to do so. “Put on paper” their opposing view, is that the Russian side requested that this happen next week.

“We are still waiting for the promises made here, in Geneva and Brussels, to be fulfilled,” he said. the ambassador said. “The promise was for the US and NATO to write their ideas on paper.

Russia is waiting “A consistent response to our correspondence,” Lavrov explained. “If a certain point of view is not compatible, they may very well explain their reasoning and write it down on paper. If necessary, they may also be able to do so in writing. ” In the end, his appearance will be with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lavrov said, because “It’s his actions.”

Delegates from Russia, NATO, and the US are meeting in Europe this week to discuss security and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Officials in Washington and Kiev have been warning for months that they fear Russia is preparing for the arrival of neighbors in eastern Europe, which the Kremlin has rejected.

In the meantime, Moscow has asked for written assurances that NATO will not grow in Ukraine or Georgia, two countries that share borders with Russia. Western officials have indicated that such a move would not be possible. Both sides have expressed hope that, despite significant psychological differences, they have found a solution in Europe.

After a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that the two sides had an agreement. “Open and transparent dialogue on a wide range of issues, which focus on the conflicts within and around Ukraine.”

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