Simply the best use of the crying filter you’ll see anytime soon


TikToker Jodie Bell used a filter to hilarious effect to share one of the many travails of the hospitality and catering industry.

@ jodiebell8 When you’ve just done a 400cover day and the KP brings out the days worth of cutlery😂😭 #hospitality#cutlery#pub#bar#restraunt#beergarden#publife ♬ original sound – Jodie Bell

It’s so well done, some people thought they were witnessing a tragedy. Here are a few things TikTok users said about it.

One TikTok user had a request.

As if by magic…

@ jodiebell8 Reply to @ fer.orca ♬ It’s The Hard Knock Life – Annie Movie

‘The enemy’ piped up.

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