State Attorneys General File New Lawsuit Against Google Over Advertising Tactics

Attorneys General from 10 countries, led by Texas, filed a lawsuit against Google this week for its digital marketing practices. This is the second major lawsuit filed against Google in recent months alleging that the giant claims to be a force to be reckoned with. First, issued by the Department of Justice, says Google maintains its position as a leading engineer by forcing other companies to make their own choices. At the moment, AGs are criticizing Google for playing a major role in online advertising. He also claims that Google has partnered with Facebook to promote its products.

“If the free market were a baseball game, Google would have established itself as a pitcher, a fighter, and a musician,” Texas Attorney Ken Paxton said in a statement. the video has been posted on Twitter to declare a case.

Google Seems To Have Fallen War

The online marketing market is complex, with almost all online publishers relying on Google to be between e-commerce and online advertising sites. The complaint states that Google’s internal records reveal that the company “seeks to kill the competition” through a variety of isolation methods, including an unauthorized partnership with Facebook to create advertising campaigns.

Google has a suspicious position in the online advertising market, often representing buyers and sellers while also using AdX – the largest digital trading platform. If he wins, the lawsuit could be a blow to Google, since the company made almost all of its revenue from advertising – about $ 135 billion last year.

The End of An Era?

Google has shown a decline in prices for digital advertising over the past decade as well as its low-cost approach compared to what companies advertise online as proof that it has no power over itself. The company has called the recent claims “nonsense,” and will protect its reputation “without being evil”.

But the AGs argue that the “public image of Google’s smart professionals is enjoying their hot Mountain View school as they try to make the world a better place” is a lie. They say the company has repeatedly and repeatedly violated anti-trust laws and that it is time for someone to take action. The technology industry has been enjoying considerable gains from regulators for years, but it seems that time is running out.


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