Tabula Games Announces Ryozen Coming to Kickstarter

Boardgame fans may be familiar with the table studio, Table Games. The Italian studio has had their share of special projects funded by many people in the past, all running low, all created with the goal of creating freedom and aid. Well, they have a new project coming up soon at Kickstarter in 2022 called Ryozen.

According to Tabula Games’ official page, Ryozen will be their first major project of 2022. It is a job placement game designed for 2-4 players with a round board as well as several scoring machines and equipment available. The players imitate the players competing to gain the favor of Radiant Phoenix, the queen of the Ryozen state. To do this, they will have to rely on their Kin, who is a different kind of specialist who is sent to work for the good of the country.

In short, it seems Ryozen contains most Eurogame systems. There is a lot of emphasis on the placement of units and architectural structures that are well placed on the board. In addition to overseeing items from the six areas of the board, the central section representing the Radiant Phoenix Palace can be rounded up, with each area overlooking and offering bonuses and other extras to other areas of the map.

Official game drawings taken from the Ryozen’s Board Game Geek page.

We arrived at the Tabula Games to find out more Ryozen. They were definitely coming up with some interesting news about the game’s design. For example, the game was originally a history and was introduced in feudal Japanese under the title Sengoku. But in time he decided to go on a fantasy path after a couple of years of experimental experimentation. As for the in-depth issues of the project, Tabula was shy, saying that the directors, Martino Chiacchiera and Michele Piccolini, can go into detail Designer Diary notes on Board Game Geek.

To find out more about Ryozen pa Kickstarter Campaign, Tabula Games was at the forefront. To name a specific representative, “This campaign will be different from our previous ones for a number of reasons, firstly the opportunity is open to our fans to win the show and digital demonstration before. We hope the game can win players. Best through experience, we have tried the play tests and the results have been very interesting. Rewards for backers will come as usual through Tabula Pulse, our loyal program that rewards those who support the work of Tabula over time, and Tabula Friends., a way that offers discounts for new friends “If there is anything new about Early Bird, we will reveal it later.”

Kickstarter Campaign Ryozen available in early 2022.

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