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Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

In Bavaria, stricter laws are still in place to curb the spread of corona infection. For weeks, however, the rules have been a little more relaxed, one step at a time. Here is a summary of the existing restrictions and changes expected in Bavaria.

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From the autumn schools and daycare centers are preparing to return to normal activities

From July 1, all children are allowed to go to kindergarten, after-school care or kindergarten. However, in child care facilities there are still restrictions. For example, children should be cared for in stable groups; if they show signs of illness, they should stay home. The federal government decided on July 21 that these restrictions should be lifted on September 1. This means that: From September onwards, childcare facilities should be fully operational, with due regard to sanitary regulations. Exactly what these rules will look like should be announced.

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School activities began slowly again in late April after a long break. However, there has been no daily school life yet: The government encourages weekly shifts between classroom teaching and home teaching. Classes are held in groups of more than 15 students, desks are moved. The essence of the mask does not work during lessons, but occurs on the porches or in the bathroom. The federal government has set a goal of making “normal work” possible back in school after the summer holidays.

Cultural institutions are open, but limited

Theaters, cinemas, concert halls and other cultural venues are allowed to reopen from mid-June. At this event more than 200 indoor guests and 400 foreign guests have been on duty since July 15 – as long as guests provide seats. If they do not do so the maximum limit is 100 or 200 people. All attendees should wear a face mask when entering and leaving the house, but they can take it off while sitting down. Amateur singers are allowed to sing along with a minimum distance of 2 and 10 meters (including a conductor). And if strict requirements are met, choirs can practice.

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Museums, exhibitions, exhibitions and monuments are also reopened with restrictions. Guests should know the opening time in advance, tickets are usually required to be purchased online. This also applies to visiting zoos, as only a small number of people are allowed, depending on the size of the affected area. Libraries, language schools and colleges are also open.

All pools are now open, including indoor pools and hot tubs. This has been the case for outdoor pools since June 8th – as well as gymnasiums, indoor gymnasiums and dance schools (at least for unconnected dancers and regular dancers). Regular restrictions also apply here. As of July 8th, all indoor rest areas are allowed to operate – for example indoor playgrounds.

What can be done about the game?

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The so-called offline sports such as tennis, track and field, golf and sailing are allowed, training and competition – and from July 8 they are no longer outdoors, but also indoors. Higher education is also possible. The corresponding state law also allows for internal sports competition. Currently 100 people are allowed to take part, “having a well-known or well-rested lounge” or even 200. Viewers are not allowed.

The following applies to coaching teams: Teams are allowed to exercise without risk. In individual cases, this depends on the training environment they have. Until July 7, non-compliant training is permitted here (in football, for example, gymnastics, but non-exercise). The federal government repealed the ordinance on July 8th, if the training took place in a regular group. In martial arts, such a training team should not be larger than five people.

Restrictions on contact with eye requirements

There is still a ban on contact in Bavaria. Everyone should meet as few people as possible who are not in the same house and keep a distance of 1.5 meters. There are no restrictions or large numbers of meetings in the home; but you should also save a little distance. Groups of up to ten people can now gather in public places, regardless of whether they are relatives or members of the same family.

In many places there has been a need for a face mask since April 27 – in shops, public transportation, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and more. You do not need to wear a protective mask, you just need to cover your mouth and nose. At the same time, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained. Anyone 6 years of age or older should wear a nose and mouth mask. There is a fine of 150 euros if you do not. Police and crews on buses and trains will check to see if the requirements for the mask are met. Especially for local transportation, this means that the need for a mask not only applies to buses, trains or taxis, but also to waiting at bus stops or platforms.

Slowly open gastronomy and tourism

Arrival time at the corona home is no longer applicable to restaurants and pubs. Opening times also apply. However, you must follow a variety of hygiene rules: Relatives and members of two families or groups of up to ten people – may be at the table. Otherwise a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is working. Guests are required to leave their name and address and are allowed to remove their mask from the table, staff must wear the mask. Discos and bars are often closed. In mid-June, Finance Minister Hubert Aiwanger announced plans to open early July to allow pubs (bars or pubs) to reopen. But that has not happened yet.

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Starting June 22, you can celebrate a birthday, wedding or graduation in a restaurant with over 100 people indoors and 200 outdoors. Hotels are now allowed to receive guests, but there are no groups. This also applies to campgrounds. There is no limit to the number of guests in hotels, but there are basic hygiene requirements.

Meetings, congresses or similar events “that are professional or accredited” are allowed again from July 15th. The same requirements apply to them (e.g., the number of participants) in social events. According to a previous official announcement, trade shows should also be possible in Bavaria from September.

More visits to hospitals and nursing homes in Bavaria are also permitted

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Due to the low number of coronations, Bavaria imposed restrictions on hospital visits, nursing homes and facilities for the disabled in late June. In these organizations many visitors are welcome again. In the past there were discounts only in maternity and pediatric wards, in patient care wards and in intensive care units. However, at a lower distance, hygiene regulations are issued and restrictions on entry and signs of illness are present.

Stores reopen

All stores in Bavaria are allowed to open regardless of their size – including shops and malls. They all need a sense of safety and hygiene for the following: for example, entrance controls with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people in public. Mathematically, only one client is allowed to live in an area of ​​10 square meters. Weekly markets, as well as flea markets can happen again. Hairdressers work in accordance with self-protection measures: eye requirements also apply here. Hair washing is compulsory, reading magazines and drinking coffee is prohibited. All customers are required to leave their information. Nail and jewelry studios are also allowed to offer their services as well.

Permitted shows

As of June 15, many bans on rallies and demonstrations have been lifted. As long as all participants retain a minimum distance from each other and from other people (such as passers-by) it is also permissible. Local authorities need to address this by setting conditions – or banning demonstrations for 100 people in a permanent location.

Possible religions are allowed from May 4

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Religious meetings are permitted in some cases. According to the federal government, this includes a distance of less than 1.5 meters between guests, as long as they live together in the same house. When entering or leaving the church, the synagogue or mosque, with its mouth and nose, must be worn. In addition, special rules of hygiene are important – for example: not to mention when giving communion, not to kiss the Torah in the synagogue, in every mosque must bring his own ritual of prayer and Koran, in churches singing is possible but church doors should be. open.

There are no major internal or external events until mid-September

Major events and celebrations are still banned in Bavaria. Many events and celebrations have already ended in due course – for example Munich Oktoberfest.

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