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Every powerful Bollywood winner creates a reception area with his friends.

They just work with each other and don’t live with anyone who does not belong to their group.

It is not the only skill that enables you to join these groups. Many talented young people come to Mumbai every year.

These groups have well-known systems. He forces you to do something that may seem like a criminal. The “crime” can be anything from drug abuse, prostitution or money laundering.

You act like part of a team but then your “masters” take your life as soon as you do.

They keep records and remind you of “what you did”.

Evil prevents you from getting out of the gang.

When you join these groups, they do not exclude you.

  1. Group C Gang

The groups are led by well-known leaders. You must be a smoker and sometimes use drugs (like Cocaine). Your main task (other than your daily routine) will be to make sure that weeds and drugs always come from your masters. One of the group’s most notable faces is the anti-national leader who is constantly rolling and smoking. These groups also pressure you to take illegal drugs such as white powder or blue pills at parties or rallies. If you join these gangs, they will permanently damage your health. There is no going back. You will probably become more frustrated with drug use for the rest of your life.

  1. Group D

This terrorist is one of the oldest and is a 90-year-old survivor of Bollywood under Dawood Ibrahim. Today, the group is known as the DK Gang (Dubai-Karachi Gang) for its loyalty to Pakistani entertainment. In the 1990’s, the people earned money from the underworld. Today, this group works to attract Pakistani actors, musicians and others in Bollywood. Not only in Bollywood, they also serve as ambassadors for Pakistani experts on international tours, awards demonstrations and more. They are the ones who connect with the hardened criminals and gather to force the experts to sign special videos sponsored by the international community. Some of Bollywood’s top music producers are among these terrorists.

  1. O Gang Group:

This group usually holds a teasing party every two weeks and you should actively participate. You often have to be a sex addict and a sex addict (who can have sex with people of all sexual orientation) to participate in these parties. The more involved you are in the party, the more happy you will be with your masters.

  1. W Gang Group:

The W group or white terrorists use black money from merchants and use it in films and convert it into white money. To qualify as a member of this group, you need to be a good person who will not divulge information. You should also come up with new ways to withdraw money from Bollywood-related businesses.

  1. Gang Group:

This group of Exploiters or group E is very small but very dangerous. The group works in the four categories above and usually consists of anonymous filmmakers and directors. When they see the art, they use it to their advantage. You do not get paid, you are very busy and you are constantly ridiculed for various reasons. Only those people, who really want to survive in Bollywood, are the only ones who will be able to survive through this group.

  1. Group N:

Group N or Nepotism is probably the most common of all gangs and may have members of all of the above groups. They make sure that the children of the film families are well cared for in the industry.

  1. The P Gang:

Group P or Prostitution group specializes in providing men and women to religious parties or to prominent clients. If you are a well-known actress or actress, your price goes up several times in the black market of prostitution. You will not get a share of the money they pay to have sex with you because the group tells you that it is all part of the “struggle”. This is the oldest terrorist group in Bollywood that has been active for 60 years or more. Many of these actors become sex workers every time they fail their jobs.

  1. Tand G Gang:

Gay group or G group is the most popular in Bollywood. You have to be gay to be part of a gang. This is a small group of prostitutes. The problem is this: Most upright people are forced to belong to this group. This causes many people to become very depressed. Many filmmakers, film critics, movie and business executives are members of this unique group.

  1. Group K Gang:

The Kitty Party or K group is mainly made up of women and actresses and celebrity producers. They make these fancy parties in their place and choose the future of many star children. Many incoming players are found distributing food at such parties. The terrorists control most of the Bollywood A-lister populations and are the beginning of apartheid.

  1. Group N:

The Urban Naxal or N group is the most secretive and dangerous group in the world. They are often communist or anti-Hindutva to the heart. To qualify for the party, you must have a strong anti-national sentiment. You have to take part in all the discussions that you have to say about the insults of Bharat. Remember, you need to do this regularly and when necessary. Your Lord has to make sure that you are against the same idea of ​​Bharat before you can apply for a job.
Many of them are involved in anticorruption and are secretly promoting Naxalism in the country. They also secretly donate money to Naxal’s banned clothing. The group has many theater actors and directors as part of their team. Some of these terrorists are well-known on television.

Bollywood is one of the poorest and worst places to work for foreigners, especially those from small towns in India.

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