The Power of Hope: Join thousands worldwide for Darkness Into Light 2019

This Saturday at 4:15 am, tens of thousands of people will gather in 168 different locations in Ireland for the annual meeting. Dark Enter Light travels. And they will not be alone.

Worldwide, in 19 countries on 5 continents, more than 200,000 will travel with them.

Darkness Into Light is developed byPieta Houseand proudly aided byElectric Ireland since 2013. Electric Ireland support has seen the event grow from 20 locations in 2013 to nearly 200 this year, making a huge difference to the countless lives along the way.

Marguerite Sayers, Chief Executive Officer, ESB, commented on the long-standing partnership between Electric Ireland and Pieta:

“Electric Ireland has proudly supported the Darkness Into Light event for the past seven years and during this time we have worked with Pieta to turn Dark into Light into a global event that we are today. Our mission is to help create a better future for our customers and communities.

The darkness in the Light reminds us all to believe in the power of hope. We look forward to traveling with 11 friends, acquaintances and clientsthMay and I contribute to this year’s journey to be even more successful. “

Through this year’s Power of Hope campaign, Electric Ireland seeks to drive Darkness into Light enrollment to support its partner Pieta House and highlight the importance of giving hope to each other.

The purpose of the event and raising funds for the organization and raising public awareness of mental health, suicide and self-harm.

The first Light Dark Walk took place in 2009 when 400 people gathered in Phoenix Park with the aim of helping alleviate the stigma associated with suicide and self-harm as well as fundraising for the important services provided by Pieta House.

The organization now has 15 centers around Ireland that provide assistance to those who have committed suicide, self-injury or those who have died as a result of suicide. Without funding from the charity, they would not be able to do the work they do.


In addition to helping to earn money and alleviate the shame of suicide and self-injury, these travels are a great sign of the hope that can be given to people who can be found in dark places.

Speaking to Ciara Kelly on Lunchtime Live, Josephine Kiernan, Bereavement Assistant and Center Manager at Pieta House explained:

“The sign is close to where people can find themselves. Customers we meet every day talk to us about sitting in a dark place and feeling alone on their journey. from darkness to sunrise., in light.

People are encouraged to share their messages of hope through # DIL2019 and #ThePowerOfHope leading and marching this Saturday, May 11thth.

Join them

In 2017, one person a day dies and commits suicide in Ireland and around the world, 800,000 people die each year. That is one person every 40 seconds.

Pieta House works to provide free assistance to those who have committed suicide, self-injury and those who have lost their lives to suicide.

The Darkness Into Light walk is a charitable organization, enabling them to provide its services free of charge. Last year, participants raised € 6 million.

Therefore, if you would like to be part of a global hope team and end the stigma attached to suicide and self-harm, you can still register to participate in your Darkness Into Light march this Saturday, May 11th.

All you have to do is go where you can find out more about all the trips that are taking place around Ireland and abroad. The new online registration system this year makes it easy to re-register!

Electric Ireland promotes hope across the country, urging people to experience the “Power of Hope” on Darkness to Enter Light at 4.15am on Saturday, May 11. Register to travel across the country at Darkness Into Light website.

If you need help, Pieta is available.

Call a free 24/7 phone at 1800 247 247.

Text ‘Help’ to 51444 (fixed prices are working).

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