The Riftbreaker Sales Hits 350K, Next Update Teased

The Riftbreaker Sales have exceeded 350,000 units sold and EXOR Studios has revealed much that players can expect to see in the future. The Riftbreaker change.

Last year was very good for those of you who love to fight strangers. Whether it is a strong, intelligent battle Aliens: Fireteam Elite or a more aggressive attack on It’s Eternal Doom Horde Fashions, no shortage of good toys. And if the tower defense game has your pocket, it was there other hygiene games released in that category last year, too.

One of the games was The Riftbreaker, a game that combines RPGs, under construction, and tower defense with multiple survival games. (It’s a kind of “immortal” survival game, not a “I’m running out of food” type.) Obviously, this unique game mix has had a huge appeal; Developers have announced that it has sold 350,000 copies on all platforms. In addition, “beyond” 500,000 players enjoyed the Xbox Game Pass.

It’s a lot of fun, but EXOR Studios has never been with this theme. 15 updates have already been released last year; now, we have learned a little about what to expect from the next one.

The Riftbreaker Sales Promote Supplemental Development

The Riftbreaker sales have been unquestionably good and EXOR Studios has no intention of stopping development soon. Instead, it has already begun to work on its next change.

The new state of change is called “World Expansion I” according to today’s issues and will feature a number of new features that players can enjoy, including (but not limited to):

  • “new” biome.
  • new machines play
  • new organisms
  • new weapons
  • new skills
  • new elevators
  • … and so on

In addition, expanding the news-driven campaign is offered as a paid DLC. Not only that – many online players are also working! EXOR Studios intends to release this within a year.

Next The Riftbreaker updates are expected by the end of March or early April 2022. In the meantime, you can to buy The Riftbreaker for PC and consoles via its official page $ 29.99 or equivalent in your area. Remember that you still have a little day off get a 20% discount in the last hours of the Steam Winter Sale!

You wonder about that The Riftbreaker business? What do you think of the game so far? Tell us in the comments below!

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