This THX-Certified Mobile Amp Brings the Power

When it comes to headlines that come out of cell phones, laptops, and tablets, the sound is quite appropriate, but often what I would call “audiophile-grade” or loud. Using an external amplifier can help to increase both volume and volume, and HELM Audio’s DB12 AAAMP its purpose is to do so.

HELM says its small 2.75 ″ amplifier can add up to 12dB of volume gain, along with 6dB of additional volume. It has also been approved for THX and use THX AAA amplifier tech to reduce distortion. The DB12 AAAMP sits in line with a 3.5mm stereo male and female cable, so it doesn’t take up much space. Its body is made of aluminum, with lifting / down and breathing buttons. Both strings are wrapped in a woven outer cloth with strong anchors to hold them tight. Its rechargeable battery in the yard lasts about 6 hours on charge, which is done via a microUSB port.

Unlike external digital-connected amplifiers, this amp is designed to work with analog voices that are already coming out on the headphone jack. This method has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, no worries about software, drivers, or availability of USB port. On the plus side, upgrading an already advanced analog signature is not as clean as starting with a digital signal, and amplifying this.

Since I no longer have a phone with a headphone jack (Thanks, Apple), I decided to use a jack headphone on my Mac to test the DB12 AAAMP. The audio difference in my AIAIAI TMA-HD headphones instantly and surprisingly with a small HELM instrument instead. Switching to the DB12 side gives you the opportunity to go through the expansion so it is easy to feel the difference it makes. Everything comes as strong, visually appealing, and larger with DB12-powered. I used Audiocheck’s Ultimate Headphone Test seeing how DB12 affected the frequency response and was impressed that it revealed depths that were not previously understood. I’m very impressed with how slightly distorted it sounds, though DB12 connects to a headphone jackphone. In fact, the sound quality of Helm’s gadget is much higher and more enjoyable than the DAC / Amp competition that I have been using for listening to my computer.

If you like to raise your bass with an extra notch, the Bass + switch makes things smoother, increasing frequencies from 60Hz to 100Hz. I love using Gorillaz song Saturnz Barz and Run gemstones Imbani Ticketron test bass on audio instruments, and DB12 produces noise on both tracks. Obviously, music not only affects bass, but also DB12 offers great flexibility in voice as well as flexibility in all forms.

Draw my attention with Helm’s DB12 AAAMP. It works exactly as promised, amplifying voice and clarity on devices that do not take up any space. If you have a cell phone or a computer with a headphone jack, this small device can amplify good sound and make you listen more deeply. The DB12 AAAMP is currently available for $ 199.99, although there is a temporary break available on Helm Audio Website which can save you $ 50 using code DB12SALE50.

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