TZ APAC, BitPinas Successfully Organize First NFT-Minting Contest in the Philippines on the Tezos Blockchain

21 December 2021, Philippines – BitPinas, a local crypto media outlet, and TZ APAC, the leading Tezos ecosystem in Asia, organized #tezmasPH, the first NFT-minting contest in the Philippines. Twenty-five Filipino artists have released all of their recordings showing how Filipinos celebrate their longest holiday – the Christmas season. BitPinas and TZ APAC, along with photographer Jopet Arias and fellow Crypto Art Philippines and NFT Philippines, are excited to announce the winners of this NFT opening competition:

NFT remains on the #tezmasPH show page and developers will not sell or burn.

Before submitting their work, artists are asked to create several scripts so that they can immediately sell their artwork while awaiting the announcement of the winners of the competition.

“With the exception of the first NFT competition in the Philippines, it is one of the rarest competitions where professionals are allowed to sell their work immediately. “says photographer Jopet Arias, who co-sponsored it. fix #tezmasPH.

The winners of the #tezmasPH competition were nominated by four judges who are known for their work in the art and writing industry.

  • AJ Dimarucot – A well-known artist, art director, and entrepreneur. AJ was made for international brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, NBA, Adobe, among others. He teamed up with global photographer and philanthropist for his first NFT.
  • Jowee Alviar – A well-known artist, educator and co-founder of Team Manila Graphic Design Studio and Team Manila Lifestyle
  • David Tng – Artist, Entrepreneur, and Head of Growth at TZ APAC
  • Yvette Tan – The most prestigious writer in the Philippines, Yvette has received several awards, including the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

“Filipinos have always been proud of their talent, and this is another way for artists to show the world the vision in their heads. The writing goes from frustrating to strange, all revealing the diversity of the Philippine Christmas,” says Yvette Tan. famous author and author of “Walking the Dead and Other Horror Stories” and “The Last Moon,” the first novel. The NFT work which was unveiled at the 500-year Frankfurt Book Fair last October.

Although the competition asked participants to show how Fiipinos celebrated the holiday through the iconic Simbang Gabi (evening mass) and parols (Christmas lights), many, if not all, of them were able to draw Christmas based on what is happening in the Philippines, which was more restrictive and longer in comparison to other countries, “said Michael Mislos, editor-in-chief of, a cryptocurrency broadcaster in the Philippines.

“However, Filipinos are known around the world for their bravery and ability to smile even in the face of unforeseen challenges. I admire the skills and imagination of artists who took part in the #tezmasPH competition and how they celebrated Christmas with people. of the Philippines today, “added Mislos.

“I hope the competition will be an eye-opener especially for participants as well as a multi-talented group of opportunities that NFT brings to artists around the world,” says Arias, referring to the non-fungal tokens, which are unique digital blockchain-protected features. art and can be in the form of digital art, music, or collections. Virtually anything that can be stored digitally can be turned into NFTs, allowing manufacturers to prove they have made a digital object, and owners to prove that what they have is unique and authentic. The popularity of the NFTs grew sharply when digital artist Beeple sold “First Days: The First 5,000 Days,” a collection that he made until his career, at Christie’s, a well-known New York-based retail store, for $ 69 million. .

Jowee Alviar, creative director and co-founder of Team Manila Graphic Design Studio, says there are good reasons for artists and designers to stay in the NFT space. “Many manufacturers lost their money last year due to the epidemic. Many artists are finding new recruits for their work through the NFT market and the community. Similarly, they have eliminated their losses since last year and are now gaining from selling NFT technology. We hope the success will increase. ‘in the coming months,’ ‘Alviar told BitPinas crypto news publication.

#tezmasPH: The Pinoy Christmas-themed NFT minting contest encouraged artists to create their own NFTs in any Tezos-powered NFT market like Hic et Nunc and Because Tezos is a blockchain brand, it uses less than two million powerful devices to perform better than blockchain-enabled blockchains. This results in very little cost when the artists have done their work. TZ APAC carried out fines for artists who did not have the funds to participate in the competition, allowing mainly new professionals to get off to a good start in their NFT journey.

“Even before the NFTs, I have been committed to my life to help Filipino producers make money with their skills and work with foreign clients. NFTs have added new opportunities to monetize technology,” said AJ Dimarucot, a prominent photographer and manager at First. Mint Fund, which also allows artists to join NFT by paying for their initial investment. I’m glad I have found new professionals through the #tezmasPH competition, and I am confident that every new artist we are riding with is another artist who will also take other professionals to the NFTs, “said Dimarucot.

Tezos-powered NFT markets are unique in that low gas prices allow users to test their performance. And this experiment is reflected in the #tezmasPH post.

“The artist’s record is all about the kind of work that is available in Tezos NFT markets like Hicetnunc and has not been found anywhere else,” said Jowee Alviar of Team Manila, commenting on how NFT platforms on the Tezos blockchain show great testing and testing. the growth of knowledge from many artists that are rarely found on other NFT platforms. “I am delighted to be part of a competition that represents the best jobs and designs inspired by Philippine culture and exhibits to the NFT international team.”

“If so, the competition has aroused the interest of many local producers to learn about NFTs and the lucrative opportunities that everyone has. All they have to do is take the first step and try it out,” added Alviar.

“Making NFTs on a Tezos blockchain often costs less than 10 cents, which makes it a very cheap way for professionals to test the blockchain. This is especially important for new artists as it can provide them with financial support and support that can help them deal with any financial problems they face, “said David Tng, TZ APAC’s Growth Development Director and co-ordinator at the event. .

#tezmasPH is one of TZ APAC’s first in its commitment to promoting Tezos family planning in the Philippines.

“I am fascinated by the expertise of Filipino professionals who perform their operations in the Tezos-powered NFT market,” said Katherine Ng, Commercial Director at TZ APAC. “#tezmasPH is just the first step in our commitment to help grow the Tezos team in the Philippines through unconventional methods and stakeholder engagement. We will continue to support the growing number of Tezos Filipino artists and will soon be back with developers.”


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