UnionBank’s UnionDigital to Launch Crypto Stablecoin PHD

Author Shiela Bertillo

UnionDigital Bank is expected to launch the Philippines peso UnionDigital stablecoin (PHD) soon. Arvie de Vera, Co-founder and CEO of UnionDigital Bank, was revealed in section 7 of BitPinas Webcast Last Thursday, January 20th.

“We will have a UnionDigital token, it will be called the Philippines Peso UnionDigital Token stablecoin; with the support of the Philippines peso, with the support of your contribution to UnionDigital, “

Arvie De Vera, UnionDigital

He also shared the story in a LinkedIn post, and found that their new fixed income note was “PHD.”

In a subsequent investigation, de Vera confirmed that PHD is available to all UnionDigital clients.

UnionBank, the parent company of UnionDigital, launched in July 2019 the stablecoin called PHX which is used to support the transfer of funds from the blockchain border. (Read more: UnionBank Launches Cryptocurrency (Stablecoin) PHX)


UnionDigital, the digital arm of UnionBank of the Philippines, and fourth bank to be granted a digital banking license by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

As a result, when asked about the banking impact and the establishment of crypto and blockchain in the Philippines, de Vera said he was taking part in educating Filipino people.

“We will be participating in UnionBank with UnionDigital and UBX, our goal is to innovate, improve and educate. Because if you take care of the community, this will make more people welcome children,” he replied.

He also said that their banks are doing this with the “intention of driving, (while) teaching on the road.”

As a result, on the same page De Vera also revealed that UnionDigital would reunite with the gaming team. Yield Guild (ASB) Games. According to him, UnionDigital will be a “bank for people who play to make money.” (Read more: UnionDigital Wants To Serve A Play-To-Get Team, To Join YGG)

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