Will die CDU in Sachsen Anhalt “Das Erste” abschaffen?

Excitement over the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” report: It states that the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt is considering a major ARD program as an independent station. The group rejects that.

Conflict over the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt: “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” reported Monday evening that a party in Magdeburg wants to shut down “Das Erste”. Based on this, the members contributed to the redesign model Saxony-Anhalt Medienminister Rainer Robra (CDU).

“We agree with the Minister of State Robra’s decision to abolish the ‘Das Erste’ station as a means of self-reliance over time,” said Markus, head of parliament, in “MZ”. That should be kept ZDF as a global broadcaster and third-party programming. “We know we can’t do this politically right now. But that’s our long-term goal.”

Kurz: There has been no talk of “current closure”.

Because of the disturbance: In a later incident, the group returned. It also referred to the report: A group of CDU MPs in Saxony-Anhalt did not vote at their closing meeting to shut down the main ARD program.

Kurz was also quoted as saying: “Today the parliamentary committee repeatedly discussed the plans and responsibilities of the broadcasters. We received suggestions from the Broadcasting Commission, which sought clarification of their responsibilities and improved performance.

The parliamentary committee has reiterated its intention to help small and medium enterprises be tested several times to provide coverage. For this reason, the parliamentary team has decided to continue following the well-known opinion of Minister of State Robra. The main idea of ​​the idea was for the first to be a regional broadcaster and the ZDF as a national radio station. “There has been no initial suspension and it has not been considered.”

Reporter: “It says in the ‘MZ’ post”

The journalist in charge of “MZ” Hagen Eichler took to Twitter to publish Kurz ‘opening remarks. He also wrote of the last resolution of the House of Representatives: “That’s right.

Representatives of the media and politicians have also commented on the issue. Greens’ policymaker Michael Kellner wrote: “The Saxony-Anhalt CDU is once again on the right track – the work of publicizing the cornerstone of our democracy”.

The Saxony-Anhalt CDU had already boycotted a vote in parliament to increase social grants by 2020. The black-and-green government at the time was about to collapse on the issue, with SPD and Greens allies seeking support for the increase. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) rescinded the agreement shortly after voting in parliament. Following the Karlsruhe public hearings, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the arrests were illegal.

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